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Red Baron 09-14-06 07:57 PM

Did my first Time trial since 1972
Got a friend 27 yrs old who races semi pro & I sometimes ride with - talked me into doing a TT with a few of his local team members & competetiors. Plus a few others. Felt strange as most were late 20's to late 30's. 1 other guy looked like a 50+ qualifier. Got some strange looks at first but afterwards got some
R E S P E C T. :) :) :)
Everyone had a choice of 12(12.7) or 16(16.9) mile. I' doing a tri in Fl Oct 1 with my son so I chose 12 and rode at TT Pace (use HR monitor, shoot for 140 to 144 avg for me).

Did it in 37:14, avg = 20.4 mph. HR Max was 148, standing start was 70, but quickly rose to 142 . The HR Avg was 144 (lowest I saw was 142 after I got it pumping) .

Some guys were in 40's for 12, Good riders were in high 30's for 16. (My friend was fastest at 25 mph avg)
Course was fairly flat for KY, but had some hills at 5% grade.

Proud moment , had 2 of what I thought was oldest guys, asked "do you mind if I asked your age's?", "44" said the first (39:xx for 12), "49" says the other (was in mid 40's for 12) AND ADDED "Guess I'm getting too old for this" Had to reply ' I don't think so - I'm 59' his face actually looked like this :eek: . I then took the opportuntity to tell him about the 50+ forum and how we help each other.

Also learned a woman who was about 40 (figured not polite to ask age grin) was a former National Master TT champ - she beat me by 1:12. Dang- she had leg calves that looked like a football player- they put mine to shame. Obviously a sprinter. Odd she was 60 seconds start behind me, caught me about mile 10, I stayed with her on Hills, she took me on straights.

Obviusly a pround moment for me , had to share. Plus really feeling good about my pending tri (Now if I could just run :( :( )

RB - now a legend in my own mind;)

dauphin 09-14-06 10:19 PM

very nice!

cyclezen 09-14-06 10:19 PM

very cool! great story!
good on the legs
good luck in the upcoming TRI!

jppe 09-16-06 06:32 AM

Excellent!! Congrats on just getting out and participating. Now that you have the taste again I can see many more in your future.

TT's can be a real test of both mentally and physically. The difference in HR's is amazing. Mine jumps to 175-180 and averages 175+ for the full 20+ mins for or 10 mile TT's.

Don't fret over the female. A female I work with is a Cat 2 and her PR is a full minute better than mine. I tell her it's because she just more aero than I am!!!

Was yours an out and back by chance? You'll have to come down to Charlotte one day and do the TT at Lowes Motor Speedway. No worries about traffic nor having to turnaround!!

DnvrFox 09-16-06 06:50 AM


We are proud of you!

WillisB 09-16-06 07:00 AM

Good Job! You are an inspiration to this newbie.

jazzy_cyclist 09-16-06 07:30 AM

Great story - you should be proud.

As some one tinkering with the idea of trying racing or TTing, you are going to push me over the edge with stories like this.

Red Baron 09-16-06 08:10 AM

Thanks folks.

I've been avoiding these for many years. As most know, I did my first Tri this past april, & as with this, I surprised myself.

to all thinking of trying one - GET OUT AND DO THEM - don't regret something you didn't do.

I worried over what others much younger or faster, or ..might think ...... but not once did anyone even hint of that.
jppe - it was a 4 mile loop open course - had to watch out for traffic (lite) and 'run' 2 stop signs (with extreme caution I will add.). As indicated I rode it like a Tri (training) - so I kelp my HR down. My personal HR max is 172 and I find I go into oxygen debt starting around 142-145. During intervals (or climbing efforts) I'll see 160 but can only sustain about 1-3 minutes. I will 'gloat' that after this TT I honestly could have run a 5K (but at a real slow pace). So my HR determines my Pace speed- that's why I felt so good.

As with this forum, everyone I associated with during the tri and TT were extremely supportive and I was (and am) surrounded with an environment of enormous encouragement.
Hats off to all you folks!

head_wind 09-16-06 10:41 AM

Hey, cool!!! I'm looking forward to trying my first TT this spring.

ticwanos 09-16-06 11:46 AM

I get another opportunity to display my ignorance! I can understand a race -- its the first one over the finish line -- but what exactly constitutes a Time Trial?

jppe 09-16-06 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by Red Baron
Thanks folks.

My personal HR max is 172 and I find I go into oxygen debt starting around 142-145. During intervals (or climbing efforts) I'll see 160 but can only sustain about 1-3 minutes. RB

Got it!! Great effort on your part. My max HR is 194 and my red zone starts around 170......I can do 180 but like you after 1-3 mins I'm cooked.

Red Baron 09-16-06 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by ticwanos
I get another opportunity to display my ignorance! I can understand a race -- its the first one over the finish line -- but what exactly constitutes a Time Trial?

ticwanos- hope I can clear it up. A Time trial is a timed event for a pre-determined distance. You race against yourself. Others participate, but they start at different times. In the event I was in each rider left in 30 second intervals. I was the second rider in order so I 'started 30 seconds after the first rider went. The event coordinator then noted time elaspe on each lap and to determine 'myl Time, I subtracted 30 seconds from his noted time. There is NO drafting allowed. All must finish thier ride before the winner (and your position of finish) can be calculated. The rider with the shortest time is then declared the winner. (if the distance is the same).

You can obviously pass someone or be passed, but their is NO drafting allowed. If you are passing someone you must pass on the left and be clear of his slipstream. If you are passed you must 'slow down' till their is 3 bike lengths ahead of you. Its much like a triathlon, but in a TT you can go all-out, in a Tri - you must remember to maintain enough energy to finish a running event. If you break the rules, a time penality is given to the offendor. As much as 2 minutes and/or disqualification.

You see all kinds of Bikes, some road bikes (ride in the drops) but mostly Aerodynamic bikes along with aerodynamic positions.

It is definitely NOT a group ride.

Hope this helps.

oldspark 09-17-06 06:03 PM

Thumbs up old man.

George 09-17-06 07:03 PM

Maybe there is some gold in these years,congradulations,George

Artmo 09-19-06 05:38 AM

Well done, Red Baron! You have my RESPECT!!:)

NOS88 09-19-06 06:06 AM

Hey, nice job, and cool that you plugged the 50+ fourm!

ticwanos 09-19-06 06:30 AM

Thanks for the info Red Baron. Respect flows.

RockyMtnMerlin 09-19-06 07:33 AM

Another well done! FWIW, we had a 72 year old woman race the Dead Dog Classic Stage race this year. She finsihed ahead of several women who were 1/3 her age! Plus her husband volunteered at a couple of stages! That's what I call team work.

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