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Metric Man 09-17-06 10:02 AM

Stupid New Guy Question
First of all I realize I'm probably on the wrong forum since I'm only 49 years 4 months but I thought maybe some of you could help me out. I'm new to bikes...without engines anyway ;) , so I'm not familiar with some of the recumbent. What is recumbent?

Portis 09-17-06 10:13 AM

DnvrFox 09-17-06 11:38 AM

There is also a whole thread on stupid questions!

Things got a bit carried away.

But, anyway, feel free to ask anything you like. Almost all of us have had to start for a base of little or no knowledge.

stapfam 09-17-06 12:32 PM

You will find that recumbent owners are very enthusiastic about their steeds. Why? I don't know as they are definitely not for me. Now if you are talking about Mountain bikes- very few enthuse about them. Why? I don't know as They are definitely my bike of Choice. Then there are Tandems, and even better Tandem mountain bikes. Definitely the way to go on night rides across the single track when no- one else is about.

Doesn't matter what stupid question you want to ask- you will be able to find some-one with the stupidity to answer it

Now back to those offroad Tandems-----

centexwoody 09-17-06 01:30 PM

"Almost all of us have had to start for a base of little or no knowledge."

and many of us cling fiercely to our ignorance...:eek:

Grampy™ 09-17-06 02:29 PM

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look something like this....

mollusk 09-17-06 03:49 PM

You are new to cycling, but you have actually gotten to the key and central point. Some of us want to follow the path of the most efficient and some of us have a sense of history. If you have no sense of history with cycling (and it isn't too hilly where you ride and you don't care to ride with those that do have a sense of history), the a recumbent is the perfectly logical choice. Recumbents offer an enormous aerodynamic edge over a conventional (or diamond frame or DF bike if you are a 'bentie) at a weight penalty. On the flats a 'bent is WAY superior to a conventional bike. When climbing or in situations where rapid accelerations are important (racing), then 'bents are at a serious disadvantage due to weight. Also they are illegal in most competitive situations, but that isn't an issue for most bike riders.

Do what your heart tells you to do. If the local cycling community is big enough then there will be a reasonably sized cohort of 'bent riders for you if you decide to go that way. If not and you want to be a 'bent rider, then it might be a lonely ride.

cruzMOKS 09-17-06 04:23 PM


Bicycle Glossary And Dictionary

Grampy™ 09-17-06 07:10 PM

Also referred to as "Bents". :D

Metric Man 09-17-06 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by Grampy™
Also referred to as "Bents". :D

I too have been referred to as "bent" and "twisted" etc...;)

roccobike 09-17-06 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by centexwoody
"Almost all of us have had to start for a base of little or no knowledge."

and many of us cling fiercely to our ignorance...:eek:

+1, I resemble that remark!

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