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jm01 09-18-06 02:32 PM

OT: fixie girl video
Monday afternoon recess:eek:

NOS88 09-18-06 03:15 PM

Good grief! Talk about balance. I suspect two things: 1) she has no problem changing positions on a long ride when she gets uncomfortable; 2) She's wearing the full length tights to hide the bruises on her legs. I'm impressed, but wonder... can she climb?

RockyMtnMerlin 09-18-06 03:48 PM

HOLY COW! And I thought those pro's doing wheelies on road bikes had good balance. :eek:

OH306 09-18-06 04:45 PM

I can't even do that in my dreams!!!!!

dauphin 09-18-06 04:56 PM

I kept waiting for her to crash and be carried off on a stretcher...seems to be the way most videos end up these days...

Metric Man 09-18-06 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by OH306
I can't even do that in my dreams!!!!!

I've never even dreamed of DOING that!

ollo_ollo 09-18-06 06:00 PM

This should be an Olympic event! Appears to be the same level of skill as gymnastics.

Artkansas 09-18-06 06:44 PM

Kids, don't try that in traffic.

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