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bobkat 09-18-06 05:35 PM

Got snowed on, rained on, mudded on.....
.....But it was wonderful. My wife and I rode the annual "Mickelson Trail Trek" in the Black Hills of SD last weekend. If you haven't done this trail, I'd sure recommend it! It is 107 miles from Deadwood to Edgemont and passes through some of the most beautiful scenery in the West, over railroad bridges, through tunnels, along stunning canyons, by rapids and waterfalls, beaverdams, with incredible vistas throughout! It is a rails to trail project following the old Black Hills Railway Bed. The "Trek" was an extremely well organized event held each fall on the third weekend of Sept.
The first two days had cool but very fine weather! The last day started out in light rain and mild wind, which changed to snow and gusts to 55mph over the pass, then rain and mud, mud on the last 15 miles. A great ride though, and a good time was had by all! This trek will definitely be on our "TO DO" list for 2007!
If the long deceased old timers who built the railroad bed 125 years ago could see what it has been transformed into now, they sure wouldn't roll over in their graves - they'd smile and go back to sleep!

fthomas 09-18-06 05:59 PM

Sounds awesome! Pictures please.

RockyMtnMerlin 09-18-06 07:01 PM

Hey, you rode right by my bother-in-law's ranch! He lives near Custer. Pretty nice country. Sounds like you enjoyed the trip. Not sure about the old timers smiling though.

badger_biker 12-11-06 10:47 AM

bobkat - that sounds like a great ride. I'm kind of planning a trip out there next summer and would appreciate your interpretation on whether a loaded touring bike with 700x38 tires could handle the Mickelson trail. I'm not set on a route yet and may do a loop involving highway riding so I'd rather use my touring bike instead of a mtn bike.
Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide.

bobkat 12-11-06 10:59 AM

Oh sure, you'd have no problems. I rode my LWB bent and there were several bents in the ride. There were some mountain bikes but all kinds of hybrids with tires smaller than yours. The third day it was raining, and even though it was really sloppy, nobody had problems. Got sloppy on top but the trail itself was well packed underneath.
Actually I think even a roadbike could do it OK if it was dry, at least in most of the trail. Occasionally there would be short stretches of sandy stuff and you'd have to watch , but most of the trail was well packed. Not rough at all. There are lots of potential loops that would involve highways although I suppose during the tourist season traffic might be heavy. Great area to bike! But you sure wouldn't need anything nearly as rough tough as a mountain bike! Have a great time.

badger_biker 12-11-06 12:49 PM

Thanks for the info bobkat. I've seen various suggestions but since you've done the whole trail I appreciate yours. I've done a number of crushed limestone trails in WI with no problem but from some of the other things I've seen on the Mickelson I wasn't sure if it packed as hard or if it was more loose and rounded gravel or not.

Mojo Slim 12-11-06 01:54 PM

Why is it we still have fun (more fun?) when it rains, snows, muds, etc.? Nice report.

Bud Bent 12-11-06 07:09 PM

Sounds like a great ride, bobkat. I was riding in the rain too, yesterday, trying to remind myself that I've been calling my LWB my bad weather bike. 48 degrees with rain and wind is just a bit cool, though. Of course, todays ride was sunny and 74 degrees.

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