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Bud Bent 01-09-07 08:45 PM

My turn in the barrel
Well, I read all the questions here about upcoming surgery and medical procedures, and now it's my turn. Scheduled for the day after tomorrow (Jan 11th) is my umbilical (belly button) hernia surgery. The doctor wouldn't say how long I can expect to be down, only saying he'll be able to tell more after the surgery. Anyone here had this surgery? How long were you off the bike?

The Weak Link 01-09-07 08:49 PM

Even "minor surgery" can take quite a bit out of you. I had a lap gallbladder a couple of years ago. Even though I (foolishly) went in to work three days ofter the operation, I really didn't feel very good for about 6 weeks.

George 01-09-07 08:51 PM

I had it done the year before last . I wasn't riding at the time,but if I were it wouldn't of stopped me. I was sailing a lot at the time and it didn't slow me down at all. Good luck.

Stevie47 01-09-07 10:46 PM

Yep, had it done a coupla years ago. I was back on the bike in two days although it was a bit painful to come up out of the saddle. The doc said there was no danger of ripping the mesh loose and if I felt up to riding then go ahead. So I did.

Az B 01-10-07 07:26 AM

I had it done 4 or 5 years ago. It was no big deal. Took it easy for a week or so, and after that everything was normal except no heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks.


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