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jppe 02-21-07 05:36 PM

Spring is here!!
What a change in weather in just a few days. Today was really nice. Although we had a shower just after daybreak and a second very brief one in the afternoon, it was a very nice day. Tomorrow we might even set a new record high temperature for the day.

I found my golf clubs and went out mid day and did some cross training and walked 18 holes carrying my bag. Wouldn't you think that after riding 7000 miles over the past year walking 18 holes would be a piece of cake? I got a little tired the last few holes but hung in there. I even managed to eagle the par 5 finishing hole...knocked it on the green in two and ran in a 15 foot putt!! Hooray!!

After working a little, I drug out the push mower and mowed the yard.

Then washed the van.

Yep..spring is here in NC!!! At least for a few days anyway.

I have meetings most of the day tomorrow...hopefully the last one will not go too late so I can get on the bike.....

I hope you're having better weather where you are.

Floyd 02-21-07 05:57 PM

Central Kansas...sunny and warm...went for my exercize and got in fourteen miles. I am getting used to clipless that I bought at Christmas. Today was the third ride with them and I feel good about them. Since I have not had a major mishap, almost fell the first time,,,but didn't,,, I am a little paranoid about falling. On the other hand I am conscious about uncliping anytime there "might" be a need.
YES I am enjoying the Spring Weather...........

Paydirt 02-21-07 06:22 PM

I hate you guys.

Although it was about 44 here in Michigan today, it's going to be quite a while before the lawnmover will be coming out.

Beverly 02-21-07 06:37 PM

At least it's above freezing but it's definately not spring yet. The forecast for Friday is high 30's with sunshine. If it's not windy I hope to get out and do some riding before I forget what it's like:)

nmichell 02-21-07 08:44 PM

It got up to almost 50 here in N. Colorado, and looked like a beautiful day to be out biking. Too bad I picked up yet another cold from my daughter -- that's three this winter.

Terrierman 02-21-07 08:52 PM

It was 70 here today. My son and I went for a nice ride together after work. He had the day off and spent the better part of in on his MTB on some single track near our home. No need to mow the yard yet though.

luv2cruz 02-21-07 09:26 PM

Hit 75 for a high in NW MS today, but I was too busy to ride. My job really gets in the way sometimes.

I-Like-To-Bike 02-21-07 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by jppe
What a change in weather in just a few days. Today was

Yep. it was -8°F. when I rode to work last Thursday morning. Needless to say I was bundled up. I wore shorts today for the first time in a while, cycling home at 52°.

No washing the car or bike though, the weekend snow is still melting and the roads are still full of wet salt and sand.

Monoborracho 02-22-07 01:24 AM

Yesterday was so pretty I gave it up at the office and did a 25 miler in shorts and short sleeves....and this morning the daffodils have bloomed.

NotAsFat 02-22-07 10:09 AM

The last few days have been practically perfect. Tuesday I got in 28 mi. with a local club, plus 16 mi. round trip to the assembly point for the ride. Even did a couple of quick errands on my utility bike. Rode to work today, and when I get home, I plan to do another 18-25 mi. Weather like this is just too good to waste. :D

p8rider 02-22-07 12:15 PM

Yes jppe - This has been a good week so far. Wed early am had some rain so no morning ride, but rode Sun, Tues and now this morning. Temp at 5:30am 49 degrees. Rode without the shoe covers and without my winter head cover beneath my helmet. It was really nice. For the last month I have been getting by riding just on weekends. Getting back to a normal early morning riding schedule during the week has felt great!

rck 02-22-07 01:29 PM

Signs of spring-1 less layer of clothing on todays ride(temps in the low 30,s but windy), my water bottle did not freeze up, and I saw a flock of robins!

Bud Bent 02-22-07 02:03 PM

80 degrees here yesterday, we rode in short sleeves and shorts. It looks like the same today. Hard to believe that a week ago, Tuesday, the high was 33 degrees.

67walkon 02-22-07 02:47 PM

You guys make me like Florida even more! It is 77 degrees, 45% humidty at about 3:30 PM here. This morning, at 7:00 AM, I went out for a 25 mile ride in 59 degree weather, which passes for a cold front here.

maddmaxx 02-22-07 03:16 PM


stapfam 02-22-07 03:59 PM

May be moaning about our weather but compared to what some of you have- I feel lucky. Having to put plenty of layers on right now makes me realise how much lighter I am going to be when I can get down to just shorts and short sleeve top.

Just wish the garden woud realise how Cold and wet it is. The grass keeps growing but I can't cut it unless I feel like turning it into a mud patch. Still haven't done the Autumn pruning as the plants haven't gone dormant and Like Others- Narcissus are in full bloom.

bcoppola 02-22-07 04:16 PM

Upper 30s here today with 30+ mph winds. Colder for the weekend.

Not that I care -- I'll be here for a week starting Saturday!

Adios, amigos.

Tom Bombadil 02-22-07 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by bcoppola
Not that I care -- I'll be here for a week starting Saturday!

Looks like it only going to be around 26 to 27 there!

p8rider 02-22-07 07:56 PM

So much for the warm weather. A front is coming through right now. Winds between tonight and noon tomorrow with gusts to 45mph and the morning temp will be back below freezing.

serotta 02-22-07 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by p8rider
So much for the warm weather. A front is coming through right now. Winds between tonight and noon tomorrow with gusts to 45mph and the morning temp will be back below freezing.

Yes, but it will be in the mid 50's by Friday afternoon. Today's 75 degrees was great until I turned for home and hit the ex-tailwind turned headwind.... ugh!!!!!

Tom Bombadil 02-22-07 08:47 PM

Spring may be there, but it is not here.

We are under a snowstorm alert for this weekend. Chance of 10"-12" by Sunday.

Bop 02-22-07 09:45 PM

+1 for Mr Bombadil. No relief here, either. Single digit temps and piles of snow on the shoulders of the roads. Taking my Swift folder to Seattle for a week in mid-March.

Old School 02-22-07 11:31 PM

8" of snow fell this morning at our home here in the foothills 50 miles east of Sacramento, and more is expected in the next few days. I shoveled off the driveway this afternoon, but it will be a while before daytime temps and road conditions are right for a ride.

RockyMtnMerlin 02-22-07 11:48 PM

Heck I even got to ride outdoors today. 41 F, NO WIND, sunny. :D

MichiganMike 02-23-07 05:23 AM

St. Joseph, MI
35° / 16°Saturday
39° / 16°Sunday
40° / 29°Monday
35° / 24°Tuesday

Rain and/or snow every day through Tuesday.

Better, but still nothing to brag about.

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