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Digital Gee 04-13-07 09:40 PM

I forgot today was Friday the 13th!
I only rode 10 miles in 70 degree weather with 8 mph winds at my back. Had I realized the date, I would have found the time to do another three miles, laughing in the face of paraskavedekatriaphobia.


stapfam 04-14-07 12:56 AM

Didn't get a ride in as I got home from work too late and dinner looked too inviting. I did remember the date on the way to work but got too involved with my pedometer that doesn't work to remember it- but did get a reminder when the bell fell off the Fork lift truck when it ran over am annoying idiot that would not stop annoying people by sending them inane messages .

centexwoody 04-14-07 07:19 AM

Another day of extremely high winds here on 13th: 25-35 mph from SSE then NNW then S, etc. that was quite discouraging for riding. Day after day after day of high winds as Old Hammer Boy has experience for the past 2 weeks.

Besides had to emcee our annual awards ceremony so necessary to stay relatively sober until well after 5 pm...:D

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