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Digital Gee 04-13-07 09:45 PM

We got any folks using pedometers here? On a whim, I bought one last night. I have to figure out how to set it up and then I'm going to start using it. At first I think I'll just keep track for a week or so and then set some goals for steps-per-day or miles-per-day or whatever.


Nermal 04-13-07 10:41 PM

I'd go with steps per day, too. Just when you think you've got your stride set up, you end up going uphill with shorter strides, and the whole thing's off again. GPS for walking distance, but man! The money.

tsl 04-14-07 05:37 AM

I let myself be talked into one of those silly contest things at work. 10,000 steps and five "cups" of fruits and vegetables per day are the contest goals. They issue a pedometer.

On the bike, it seems to be a reasonable assumption that one revolution as measured by the cadence on my cyclometer would be one or two steps on the pedometer (depending on how it counts.) Instead, it seems to count only 35%–70%, and that varies with no apparent pattern.

For purposes of the contest, they have conversion charts for other types of activity to "steps". On a recent 43 mile ride, the pedometer counted 10052 (a record high for percentage of pedal strokes), the cyclometer 14400 and the "step" conversion says I should count the ride as between 40000 and 45000 "steps", when using the rate for "moderate" activity.

Of these, the only number I trust is the cyclometer. The pedometer seems inaccurate and the conversion thing is pure horse manure.

Guess which one my boss wants me to use?

Actually, I'm thinking of quitting the contest because her "coaching" consists of badgering staff by saying "I don't want to be on the losing team." From my perspective, first, I don't like that team effort is converted to her personal ego stroking, and I'm carrying the team by a large margin, (even without counting by the horse manure method), which isn't hard to do considering I work at a public library.

Jet Travis 04-14-07 07:22 AM

I've got one and I do aim for 10,000 steps per day--or about five miles. The motivational part is that every step you take is a step toward your goal. Also, where I work, you either have to pay for parking or park a mile away for free. With the pedometer, that gives me two easy miles per day that saves me money and makes me feel positive about taking the extra steps.

I find little ways to take extra steps all the time, and it isn't hard to meet my goal most days. In fact, now and then, I am for more miles. I got to 10 the other day by walking at lunch, during breaks and after work.

BTW, I don't wear it on the bike.

Rosie8 04-14-07 07:32 AM

I use a pedometer on occasion to see how far my dogs and I are walking. We live in the country so try out different trails. We average 3-3.5 miles per day, 7 days per week. I ordered a bike from my LBS. It should be in next week. It's a Giant cruiser - Simple 7. Has curvy looks and 7 gears. Hope I can walk first then bike.

If you're asking how to set a pedometer: You can put some water on the soles of your shoes then walk as you intend, or walk in sand so you can see your footprints. Measure from toe tip to heel of other foot. Average several test walks for accuracy.

I usually get 10,000 steps per day or more. I like to walk and always park farther from the store, library, post office, etc. to get "extra" steps. I've been looking out for bike trails & lanes for trying to do errands on new bike. Our area has lots of traffic, a freeway to cross, narrow roads with no bike lanes (about 6 inches on right side of white line. I might try parking at the library/police dept. and biking around from there. The lib is located in the town center about 6-7 miles from our house.

twobikes 04-14-07 08:13 AM

Pedometers vary in quality. Some of the best come from Omron. Their best lists around $40, but can be found for less than half of that in the pharmacy section at Wal-Mart. I found I get the most accuracy from wearing one on my ankle. Some pedometers distinguish between incidental steps and aerobic steps. You work harder to get the latter, but there is more benefit. I tried counting steps, but see far more benefits from cycling an equivalent amount of time.

Beverly 04-14-07 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by Digital Gee
We got any folks using pedometers here?

I wear one occasionally just to see how much I walk in a day around the office. It's surprising how many steps I get walking to the printer, to other buildings for meetings, to and from the parking lot, etc.

I seem to have collected quite a few of these things from walking events in the area. I've passed them out to friends and family but I still have several in the kitchen junk drawer.

Big Paulie 04-14-07 11:40 AM

This site has worked for me. I've driven routes that I've walked and compared the mileage, and the map readout is accurate.

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