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MichiganMike 04-17-07 07:06 AM

Stealing a Ride
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Had to travel to Peoria this week for work. Since the weather looked nice for the week, I put my "traveling bike" on the back of the rental. On the way I realized I could ride some of the Hennepin Canal Path if I took a slightly different way to Peoria. So, temps in the high 60's, nice blue skies, only a slight breeze and a nice 20 mile ride. Gotta love it.

BSLeVan 04-17-07 07:12 AM


WalterMitty 04-17-07 10:21 AM

Nice planning.

John E 04-17-07 10:40 AM

That looks like a nice ride. Of course, certain A&S folks have no use for Class I facilities. :)

George 04-17-07 11:21 AM

I didn't start riding until I retired, and to think I use to live a few miles from there. It looks like a nice place to ride. Glad you had a good time.

Floyd 04-17-07 12:47 PM

+one on the good planning. Always nice to find the extras that one can enjoy..........peace

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