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LastPlace 04-20-07 09:00 PM

Computer Conundrum.......
I have a Topeak Panoram V12 that is about three years old. The odometer and clock are fine but the speed varies widely over the span of a few seconds. I have changed the batteries twice and nothing has changed. Today was a good example. Riding beside people whose speedometers were about the same would have mine showing twenty miles per hour faster, and then slower.

Anybody have a favorite? I have never had a HRM but that might be a nice feature, but I need to stay under 100 dollars. Since this is the 'Fifty Plus' thread people here understand the need for a large face with large numerals. Wireless would be nifty.

MTBLover 04-20-07 11:11 PM

I just got a Serfas Level Four wireless, and so far, so good- it's got 13 functions (some of which I won't ever use), but one thing that really sold me was that it can be used on two bikes, so you can keep a running odometer. Runs $45:

MTBLover 04-20-07 11:12 PM

Forgot to mention- yeah- the speed is nice and big- I have no trouble seeing it, even in dim light (and there is a backlight function, btw).

LastPlace 04-21-07 09:23 AM


Thanks. I had never heard of Serfas before. I have decided to ask Topeak if there is a fix for my unit before I spend any money but I think the Serfas seems to offer a lot. Thanks again.

MTBLover 04-21-07 12:05 PM

Glad to help LastPlace!

maddmaxx 04-21-07 12:22 PM

If you liked the old Topeak, you might be able to find a panoram wireless on ebay. The newer V12 is similar but puts two of the displays one over the other instead of all spread across 3 wide.

A replacement wiring harness may fix the older Topeak.

LastPlace 04-21-07 03:58 PM


Thanks. I have sent a note to Topeak about the unit, so I will wait for their reply before deciding what to buy, in the event they can't help.

Not really sure what you mean about the older/newer unit. Mine measures about 35mm x 65mm in overall size. FWIW, my screen is basically divided into three segments, with each containing some information. The left-most segment is the slightly less than half the screen and the right side is divided into upper and lower units. Thanks again.

maddmaxx 04-21-07 04:59 PM

Sorry, my mistake. The older Panoram was even wider with the 3 data fields in the left, right, center positions. It was wonderful if you wanted to see everything in BIG numbers all at the same time but it was about 50% bigger than the V12. They can still be bought on Ebay in both wired and wireless form. Unfortunately it appears that the wired version cannot be upgraded to wireless.

V12 mounting kits can still be bought ( I think ) as second bike mounts.

maddmaxx 04-21-07 05:03 PM

Your V12 is available on Ebay for 39.99 (if you can get it at that bid) in wireless form from a vendor known as Geargurl. I have done business there and everything workout fine.

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