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stapfam 04-29-07 10:11 AM

Todays Rides
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A charity 40 miler today that is fairly local. a Very flat route and a choice of 2 distances. An out and back of 25 miles total to Pevensey Castle (Where Batman and Robin were seen) or a 40 miler to take in a more modern castle at Herstmoncieux. Sorry 2 castles on one ride is not fair on some of you but they are part of our local scenery. Tim arrived at 7 am and Tandem loaded and then pick up the others. One of who's bikes had a severe service yesterday when the brakes had a minor problem but turnrd into a derailler and chain change. Wish I had had the other riders bike in as The forks were found to be loose just as we started and I could not find a big enough Rock to hit the star nut with but more about him later.

My NEW co-rider in Tim has only been on the T once before so it was suck and see time as to how he would get on for 40 miles. He did OK. In fact My time with Stuart is 2 1/2 hours for the 40 and that has been pushing the whole way. Tim is not a regular cyclist- I was a bit timid on the front as pilot and our time was 2 1/2 hours. So either I was not a weakling on the previous team- or Tim puts in a lot more energy than he thinks he does. As to the others- We left them right from the start. The fit rider from our group was struggling. Not only were the forks a bit loose right from the start- He had brake problems that only got cured at 30 miles.

Ok the pics- First is at the start- or rather signing on and we did cause a few traffic problems in the area. Second of Batman and Robin is at pevensey castle which is the oldest Norman Castle in the UK and in fact has a Roman base. The next few are at Herstmoncieux castle and show a modern bit of local architecture. Incidentally The rest stops were all manned with Staff I have seen for the last 4 years so are regulars. The older group I only saw once- at this stop and they were then gone. The final pic show the other two in our group coming in while we were up on the balcony of a club overlooking the finish. you can see the T parked up and we were enjoying the Coffee and bacon sandwiches as they turned up.

Good ride- not too hard but always enjoyable. So what were the rest of you up to on this Glorious warm spring morning. (By the way- it just started to rain in the last mile or so of the ride)

Edit One of the things I enjoy about this ride is the number of youngsters that do the ride. 10,11,12 year olds on BMX's doing the 25 miler. I would not like to ride a BMX for 2 miles let alone when I am young without the energy of an adult. Today I met one better. A young girl that had previously done the ride on a tag-a-long. This year she did it solo on her new mountain bike- complete with knobbly tyres. She did the 25 miler obviously and her Dad said he had to put effort in to stay with her. She was 9.

jibi 04-29-07 10:49 AM

Yesterday I did 95 miles from Lancashire across the Pennines to Durham, lots of 1 in 10 hills with a headwind.
We very rarely get an eastlery wind up here so why did it have to be yesterday?
I climb ,slowly, but with a headwind it seems twice as hard.

so at 95 miles I bonked, totally. I have not done much since my operations so it could have been a silly thing to attempt but a friend was going to Durham in the car and offered me a lift back.

Today I have mowed the lawn and such

Nice ride Stap.

Next Sunday I will be doing a charity ride through the Trough of Bowland, 75 miles, anyone is welcome to join in and there are beds here for a couple of people

doctor j 04-29-07 02:50 PM

I rode around Pea Ridge (Arkansas) National Military Park six times yesterday. This is the site of a civil war battle. Very peaceful place now and the road around the park is one way. Got in 41 miles with 2,122 feet of climbing. Loaded the bike in the truck, drove home, ate some, rested and then did another 12 miles around the local neighborhood.

Stap, nice pix, nice ride. Which one are you? Grey tights or red and green outfit???:D

Really nice weather this weekend for a change.

jp173 04-29-07 05:20 PM

Darn, and here I was feeling good about my 22 mile club ride. :o

Beverly 04-29-07 06:43 PM

I managed a short 12 mile ride with the park program Saturday morning before rushing off to the Special Olympics field and track event. It was a beautiful day for the event. I've attended this for 30 years and had everything from snow to broiling temperatures.

I also did the 30 mile breakfast ride this morning with the cycling club group. As usual the fast group left us in their dust. The rest of us enjoyed a leisurely and saner pace. One of the regular riders brought his tandem and wife this week. She's just getting back into riding after heart surgery last year so we kept it at a comfortable speed. That suited me just fine:)

Tomorrow night I plan on doing the 20 mile river trail ride and next Sunday we're headed to Cincinnati to do the Chili Century. We only plan on doing the 50 mile option and then join some friends who are doing the Flying Pig marathon. Hopefully the two events don't plan on using the same routes:rolleyes:

Jet Travis 04-29-07 06:57 PM

I was drafted as the cyclist on a triathlon team that took place in the beautiful West Virginia countryside. I think I was the youngest member of our master's category team. The event included running canoeing and mountain biking. It was a blast and our team came in third in the master's category.

PaulH 04-29-07 07:19 PM

I ran errands on the bike much of yesterday and finished of with a ride to a new Eritrean restaurant for dinner. Probably about 5 miles in total. My knee held up pretty well, but I decided to give it a rest today. Beautiful Spring weather here.


centexwoody 04-29-07 07:22 PM

Rode 4 miles in to the office today to write Ch. 5 of my dissertation. Will ride 4 miles back home tonight, sleep & write again tomorrow...:(

cgallagh 04-29-07 07:30 PM

Red Rider did 57 miles today. I am officially jealous of all of you. I layed around with ice packs on my banged up leg and ankle thanks to Cletus the slack-jawed yokel. :mad::mad:

BluesDawg 04-29-07 07:58 PM

Did a XC MTB race at Ft. Yargo State Park. Really nice course with fast, smooth flowing trails that I could get into a good rhythm. Not flat by any means, but not as many long, steep climbs as the other 2 courses I've raced this year. I had more fun and felt stronger and more fluid and in control than either previous race. I still had a short time where I got tired and had to slow down and recover after a few climbs, but it was not as bad as before and I recovered quicker. I managed to move up one place from my usual 20th place to 19th, and was within a minute of the guy in 18th. Progress is coming slow, but I am making progress. The next race is May 27th at Dauset Trails, one of my favorite places to ride. Gotta find time to work on my climbing and endurance. Losing a few lbs. wouldn't hurt either.

DnvrFox 04-29-07 08:18 PM

Just cruising along at 20 miles per day the last four days!

Not very exciting.

oilman_15106 04-29-07 08:33 PM

Great ride today with plenty of hills. 62 miles total, but will winter ever end.

Terrierman 04-30-07 05:14 AM

No drama or anything of note here. Chris and I did a little tour of Springfield Saturday after he got off work. We put in about 20 miles noodling around the neighborhoods and the bike paths. It was such a nice day the path was way crowded. Riding around the city is a good thing and a nice alternative. The nearly instant changes in neighborhoods seems even more noticable on the bike eh? Our weather has been very nice here lately, I was able to ride every day this past week, which felt great and is definitely helping me with meeting my annual mileage goal.

jppe 04-30-07 06:54 AM

In bed sick with the flu........and the weather was perfect for being out of doors. Glad other could enjoy it.

HopedaleHills 04-30-07 07:08 AM

Nothing exciting here. Got in a hilly, windy 15-miler on Sat, but had to cancel the 25-miler Sunday because the weather here stunk. 50's and drizzling.

stonecrd 04-30-07 07:11 AM

No ride for me this weekend. Decided to give my legs the weekend off.

bobby c 04-30-07 08:45 AM

A 56 miler here with my wife - she actually cranked it up a bit & improved her time & enjoyed the ride more. Average speed increase for her was about .3 mph over the course, hope she continues!

SaiKaiTai 04-30-07 09:32 AM

Pretty much rode the couch yesterday after my 26 miles on Saturday.
I was feeling all 26 of them forsure.
More tonight though :D

bobby c 04-30-07 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by SaiKaiTai
Pretty much rode the couch yesterday after my 26 miles on Saturday.
I was feeling all 26 of them forsure.
More tonight though :D

Was that ride the same length you used to do on your original bike? Or did you ride further/faster?

SaiKaiTai 04-30-07 09:56 AM

Gosh, no... my normal Saturday ride is 15-16 miles. I did 20 once. So 26, for me, was a big jump up.
There were a fair number of gentle climbs throughout the ride and getting lost added a couple more.
The biggest thing was the weather... must've been up in the low 80's with just a few moments of shade here and there and no breeze to speak of. I know that doesn't sound like much but it's the warmest weather I've ridden in to date. And I was feeling it. Hit a big-time slump (when my BP fell to almost blackout levels) at about mile 18 or so but after a nice break, perked right up again. Between that and the LeMond working me in places or ways that I haven't worked in the past year, I felt like a day to rest the legs was very, very much in order.

HopedaleHills 04-30-07 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by SaiKaiTai
the LeMond working me in places or ways that I haven't worked in the past year, I felt like a day to rest the legs was very, very much in order.

It's obvious that the LeMond is not the right bike for you. You must pack it up immediately and send it to my house. :D

SaiKaiTai 04-30-07 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by HopedaleHills
It's obvious that the LeMond is not the right bike for you. You must pack it up immediately and send it to my house. :D

Hm... yes, let me keep that in mind but I suppose I should give it another go tonight after work and see what I think. Since all that Saturday adrenaline has flushed out of my system, it might only be fair ;)

The Weak Link 04-30-07 03:46 PM

Saturday -- did some brutal trail riding. It was worth it because we were riding with someone who was going clipless for the very first time. Felt OK yesterday, but every muscle is aching today.

Sunday -- rode my wife's powder blue Electra Townie up to the hardware store and back to get some painting supplies. Mortified my son when he learned that I had a sign on my back that said "I'm Tom's Dad". Beat up someone who called me gay.

MichiganMike 04-30-07 07:08 PM

Was visiting my two lovely grandchildren in Iowa on Friday and Saturday. Got home Sunday afternoon and left for Atlanta. Got here this afternoon and finally got to ride. Did 35 miles on the Silver Comet Trail on the outskirts of Atlanta. Very nice trail. The part I rode was nice and paved. BROKE a SPOKE though so I have to take my back wheel to an REI store here and see if they can fix it real quick. Very nice ride anyway.

MNBikeguy 04-30-07 08:13 PM

Rode with my son, 105 miles on Sunday's annual Ironman Ride.
He humored me for the first 80 miles while we rode together at what *I* thought was a pretty good clip.:D
Then at the turning point into a stiff headwind, I spun the last 25 miles at around 10 mph while he left me in the dust.:eek:
Obviously, his new Trek Madone is a much faster bike than mine... (cough..cough..)
We had a lot of fun together. It was a really great day!

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