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doctor j 04-30-07 08:01 PM

Topeak Customer Service
Last Monday, I managed to break the mounting bracket on my old Mountain Morph frame pump. The bracket is configured somewhat like a radiator hose clamp with a small platform. A matching part on the pump slides into the platform with and clicks into place. This mounting system worked well for a long time until I broke the hose clamp assembly. Also, for what it's worth, the Mountain Morph does well with either schraders or prestas and will get 120 psi in my 700 x 25's.

I got on the internet and created an "account" with Topeak and submitted a "ticket" in which I asked if the hose clamp assembly was still available. I received an e-mail the next day from a fellow by the name of Nick, who said that a new bracket is on the way.

In today's post, I received not only a new style bracket but also a new hose and connector and the innards for the presta/schrader connector.

This is superior customer service!!

Quite frankly, I wasn't expecting much by submitting a "ticket" via e-mail, based on experience at work of submitting "tickets" to the IT group.

I am pleasantly surprised and duly impressed!


jmccain 04-30-07 08:08 PM

That's great to hear! I just ordered a Topeak pump and seat bag earlier today.

briank 04-30-07 08:11 PM

This is great news!! I am a huge fan of Topeaks products. Great product line! Now I know I will be taken care of in the event somehting should break.

Velo Dog 04-30-07 09:30 PM

They've done similar things for me twice--I blew up the chuck on a cheap Topeak pump and couldn't find a replacement, so I e-mailed and asked if I could buy one directly. They sent a new one free. A few months ago I had another problem, can't remember what it was, and it was the same deal--I asked if they could tell me where to get a part and they sent it immediately.

maddmaxx 05-01-07 04:23 AM

Topeak is famous for superior customer service. They deserve a lot of our business.

It also helps that they make some pretty good products. :love:

Artmo 05-01-07 06:25 AM

Did you get your service through Todson? I've been trying to get a replacement screw for the mounting band for my Morph for about a month. They responded very quickly and asked if it is the plastic screw, but nothing happened after I told them. I've asked twice since and get acknowledgements, but no screw.
So I'm not too impressed by their service.

70ElkySS 05-01-07 06:32 AM

I recently bought a Joe Blow Sprint floor pump and it leaked through the Schrader side of the twin head the first time I tried to use it. I wasn't thrilled that a brand-new pump didn't work, but filing a "ticket" resulted in a new pump head in the mail within a few days. It was good customer service, but a little quality control would be ever better. (I also have two Road Morphs that I love.)

Monoborracho 05-01-07 07:28 AM

Great, now you tell me this, after I bought a new Mini-morph because I let the little rubber grommet on the business end of the pump bounce into a creek.

Rick@OCRR 05-01-07 09:13 AM

Another vote for Topeak / Todson superior customer service! My wife lost the cap to here Road Morph, so I called their toll-free number to buy one . . . and they sent a new one at no charge!

Louis (the owner of Topeak) is quite a character, and a very creative engineer, and the folks at Todson do a great job of distribution for the U.S. market!

Best Regs,
Rick / OCRR

Monoborracho 05-01-07 10:22 AM

Wow. I just requested replacement parts for my first Mini-morph, and within an hour I have a message that they are on the way. Great service from those folks. So now I have two mini-morphs.

jazzy_cyclist 05-01-07 10:37 AM

I've had two very positive experiences with them as well (that match my two Road Morph pumps)

Big Paulie 05-01-07 10:37 AM

I may have to write them with a phantom complaint, just to enjoy thier great customer service!

Beverly 05-01-07 11:47 AM

Originally Posted by Big Paulie
I may have to write them with a phantom complaint, just to enjoy thier great customer service!

Maybe if you complain about not owning one they will send you one:D :D

Big Paulie 05-01-07 12:36 PM

Originally Posted by Beverly
Maybe if you complain about not owning one they will send you one:D :D

Oh, but I do own one! All the more enticement to fabricate some calamity... :)

Trsnrtr 05-01-07 01:01 PM

Topeak is famous for customer service because they get a lot of practice at it. Witness the replys on this thread and others about Topeak service and how many people need it. I like Topeak and use their pocket tools and a Road Morph, but it would be nice if they built a little more durability in to that pump clamp.

HopedaleHills 05-01-07 02:16 PM

Originally Posted by doctor j
submitting "tickets" to the IT group.

:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

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