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SaiKaiTai 05-01-07 11:07 AM

Took the LeMond out last night.
The true test, the way I see it, is how the bike feels on roads I've been riding 3-4 times a week for the past year. Roads I know. The real surprise isn't that's faster or easier to ride than my Kaitai; it's that it's faster AND easier. I often found myself cruising along on the 52T chainring at 17-18 mph with no strain. I found it hard to keep my HR in the 130's... I'm used to cranking along in the 140's. I took a few short climbs I know well and... well, "easy" is a relative term but it *was* easier and again, at the top, my HR was a full 10+ beats below what I'm used to seeing. There is no strain, the bike just glides along smooth and sure. As I said in an earlier post, it's almost like: you think "go" and it goes. I'm getting used to the Tiagra brifters and the 105 RD is a dream; quick, positive, quiet and smooth. Finally came that last climb home... my 500+ foot, 11% friend. I hit an new max of 176bpm at the top but I think it was because I could push this thing so quickly up the hill (I can't wait for my Cardio visit next week so I can find out how hard I can push. 176 just scares me) . I still need to learn how to pace myself, especially uphill... I haven't figure out yet if I want to hit the hill running and gradually shift down into a slower pace as I progress or to establish a slower pace early and hold it. There's still so much to adjust to with this bike but the early report is -surprise- I love it.

stapfam 05-01-07 11:12 AM

So the real question is- "Do you like it"?

Terrierman 05-01-07 11:23 AM

What color is that bike again? Sounds like you hit a major home run there Ken, glad to hear you are getting along so well with it and so early on too.

ang1sgt 05-01-07 11:35 AM

How well does that Reno Ride? I see in the SPECS that it has a Carbon Fiber Fork and Seat Post. I have not riden one yet, but I'd like to check one out. Seems like they are in my price range and a good value to boot.


SaiKaiTai 05-01-07 11:40 AM

;) It would be blue

Actually, pretty close to blue of my old steel framed Gitane. I'll have to dig out a pic of that somewhere.
Yes, we're getting along very well, though it still feels pretty strange to me overall. It's not ahybrid, that's for sure :lol: I've no doubt it will need some tweaking... I'm not 100% sure about the saddle height or tilt. I'm still thinking of getting a B17 (or B17N) for it. A nice black one. But, by-and-large, yeah, my fears have been erased. Saturday I take my usual North-to-South run and then I'm thinking of tackling my 2 mile, 6% climb out of town; see if I can only stop 4 or 5 times instead of 5 or 6 :) Maybe I'll do that after the Cardio visit... I still wonder if I'm "calling it off" too early when my HR jacks up. I figure if I'm gonna have a heart attack, the cardio's ofice is the place to do it, right?

Beverly 05-01-07 11:41 AM

Do I detect a little bit of enjoyment from this new bike:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

head_wind 05-01-07 12:11 PM

Perhaps you'll find the contrast between my 'cross bike (Dean) and my
road bike ('01 LeMond) of interest. The 'cross bike is a long wheelbase
compared to the road bike and obviously has different design criteria.
If I counter-steer on the 'cross bike it leans over. If I counter-steer
the LeMond if dives into the turn and is really a kick. If you haven't
messed with counter-steering then I suggest you try it after you are
more comfortable on the new bike. Have a great time.

jppe 05-01-07 12:34 PM

Similar story to yours here as well. I rode 800 miles on a mountain bike before buying a road bike. I'm really glad I rode the heavier, slower bike first as it helped both mentally and physically. Like you, I was able to appreciate the jump-or leap-to the road bike much, much more.

Hit the hill hard and fast but in a gear that you can spin easily at first. Momemtum is your friend. Continue to gear down as you progress up the hill until your speed and cadence matches the effort you want to sustain and just grind away.......Your HR is higher because of what you described. You can now mash gears and spins faster up the hills than what you were able to do before. I see the same things at the early parts of rides on hills as I have the leg power to outpace my HR. Later in a ride it is all I can do to get my HR up to 80% of my max on hills because the strength has been sapped from the legs.

What wheels are those? Are they the Bontrager or Bongtrager Lites? I've progressed through the various Bontrager models and found them all to be good, reliable wheels. I still use my oldest ones on my everyday/training bike. In a year or so pick up some Bontrager XLites and you'll once again enjoy a noticeable jump or leap in acceleration when you need it on hills or trying to close a gap.

SaiKaiTai 05-01-07 01:41 PM

I think my HR is also hitting 176 at the crest because, let's face it, I'm not gonna erase 20 years of relative inactivity with one year of riding. I'm hoping I have a pretty good base now and I'll see greater results at the end of my second year. Then, I don't know... I'm following any kind of "Training Plan", I just ride and continue to push myself. If it's short enough and it goes "up", I will take it. I try to do that 3 or 4 times per my typical outing.

The wheels are listed as "SSR"s but I don't see them listed on the Bontrager site... I guess this stuff is all OEM?

As for the ride, well... it's not Caddy smooth, that's for sure. I do feel the bumps but whether the forks/seatpost help or I'm just not bothered by it, I don't know.... I don't find it to be that bad.

The Weak Link 05-01-07 01:59 PM

Now about that extra optical inch.

Oops. Wrong thread.

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