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MichiganMike 05-01-07 05:14 PM

Positive REI Experience
I brought my Marin Hybrid down with me to Atlanta this week because the weather for the week looked so nice. Going from here to Colorado Springs so I was looking forward to some nice rides. Anyway, yesterday I broke a spoke while riding the Silver Comet Trail here in Atlanta (great path by the way). I rode about 20 miles wobbling everywhere. So, today I ran the wheel into one of the REI's here to see if I could get it fixed. The guy looked at it, and asked me I could wait for 20 minutes or so. SURE. Well, he fixed not one, but TWO broken spokes while I waited. No Charge! Yippee. I usually go to LBS's when possible, but I have to tell you, I have never had a bad experience with an REI store. Wheel is nice and true now. Tomorrow, back on the Silver Comet Trail! I love happy endings.

George 05-01-07 05:39 PM

I've had very good luck with REI. They have a good bike shop as well as bikes.You can buy anything from them and if you don't like it, bring it back, no questions asked.

roccobike 05-01-07 08:35 PM

The mechanics at my local REI have been very helpful with hard to find parts. They're not my ATF LBS, but I still buy a few things there and would use them for a repair.

JanMM 05-01-07 08:43 PM

No local REI shops around Indy but really wanted a Novara Big Buzz in 2003. So.....Fed EX (UPS?) brought me an internet bike from REI Seattle. But, 2-3 spokes broke on the rear wheel early on. Downside of internet bike-buying: Had to ship the wheel to Seattle for fix. Upside of this: The wrenches in Seattle hand-built me a new wheel that has stayed nice and true.

stringbreaker 05-01-07 09:16 PM

+1 on REI My son works at the distribution center in Sumner Wa. He will be pleased to hear a good REI experience. They are the bomb around here and are pretty customer oriented, not to say they are perfect but they are really good for the most part. If you want a real experience if you ever get to the Seattle area stop in at their flagship store its pretty cool. Its nice to hear a home town company get kudos from another part of the country

BluesDawg 05-01-07 09:19 PM

The Atlanta REI sends a crew to set up shop at each overnight stop on BRAG (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia) every year. Always good, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

How long are you going to be in Atlanta and how much time do you have to ride? I know a few places.

John E 05-01-07 10:07 PM

I live just over 2 miles from an REI outlet, and I am a member, but I just don't think of them as a bike shop surrogate, although I have bought some good cycling shorts there.

MichiganMike 05-02-07 06:03 AM


How long are you going to be in Atlanta and how much time do you have to ride? I know a few places.
I am here until Friday morning. I leave then for Colorado Springs. Plan on going out again tonight on the Silver Comet Trail. I am staying out about where I-75 and I-285 intersect. There's a Hampton Inn and Suites there.

BluesDawg 05-02-07 07:24 AM

The Silver Comet is a great resource for Atlanta. I tend to get a little bored with the lack of climbing, but most people think I'm a lunatic for thinking that way. :)

There are some other good paths around Atlanta with curves and hills, but nothing nearly as long as the Silver Comet. Arabia Mountain trails near Lithonia is very fun, but on the opposite side of town from you. Besides you'll get plenty of hills in Colorado Springs (I'm jealous).

Enjoy your ride on the comet!

MichiganMike 05-02-07 12:34 PM


Besides you'll get plenty of hills in Colorado Springs (I'm jealous).
I am staying out by the Air Force Academy. There's a trail that runs out there and keeps on going up into the hills I believe, up by Monument Pass and beyond. I rode it the other way, along C. Springs last year.

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