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DougG 05-25-07 11:25 AM

Full Circle on Two Wheels
Iíve been at this road riding gig for less than a year, but I think I figured out today why the bug has bitten me so hard. I took my first early-morning ride today, watching the sun rise as I rode 15 miles out to a small town where I found a local cafť for breakfast: one of those places that just oozes local color. It was almost all on a beautiful, smoothly paved rail-trail that has turned into a tunnel of trees now that the leaves are out. It was quiet and cool, and I finished my 30-mile round trip before the predicted clouds and rain arrived.

Probably like many others in this group, I spent most of the summers of my youth outdoors on my bicycle. I remember those days riding around with a bat and glove on my handlebars, looking for a pick-up game to join. This all ended when I was about 15 when my bike was stolen, and with a driverís license looming I lost interest in bikes for a while.

Then, in my early 20s, I started riding motorcycles. I remember how I came to realize that I really like motorcycles because they reminded me of my younger days on bicycles: out in the air, the feeling of freedom, and the enjoyment of banking through the corners on two wheels. I rode extensively for 35 years before I knew it was time to quit, and I thought that I had been willing to put all those experiences into the past.

But this morning it all came flooding back. When I went on motorcycle trips, my favorite time to ride was very early in the morning. Iíd hit the road while it was cool and the traffic light, watching the sun rise to start warming the day. About an hour into the ride, Iíd look for a place to stop for a big, leisurely breakfast before continuing my route. And this was exactly what it felt like today: a quiet ride on an isolated pathway; the early morning dampness in the air; looking forward to sitting down to a cup of coffee and a big plate of bacon and eggs.

Iíve come full circle. Iím back where it all started. Life is good!

Mirysien 05-25-07 11:34 AM

Wow.. I can relate to the feeling. Only substitute horses for the motorcycle :) Used to get up at 4am to go corner the darn animal and rig it up in time to be on the ridge for the sunrise. Beautiful feeling.

stapfam 05-25-07 02:55 PM

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Originally Posted by Mirysien
Wow.. I can relate to the feeling. Only substitute horses for the motorcycle :) Used to get up at 4am to go corner the darn animal and rig it up in time to be on the ridge for the sunrise. Beautiful feeling.

Horses? They bite one end and kick with the other.

Haven't done it for a few years but we used to get out by 4am on a sunday in the spring and get to the top of the hills to watch the sun come up. A 2 hour ride in the dark disturbing the wildlife was fantastic on candle power. Now I have decent lights- I will have to try it again but in the summer a 2am start does not sound as enticing.

Attachment is not one of those early starts but you can just imagine what it could be like from this Midwinter sun.

Beverly 05-25-07 06:16 PM

I love the early morning rides, too. Another favorite is the winter night time rides we do along the river trail. Everything is quiet and there aren't too many people out in the cold and dark.

We seemed to have followed similar paths. I rode my bike everywhere until I received my drivers license and bought my first car. I rode motorcycles (off-road only) and gave them up when I let my ex have it in the divorce settlement:( With the way gas prices are today I've been considering buying one to ride to work since commuting by bike is not an option.

Floyd 05-25-07 06:48 PM

During the summer, when the sun comes earlier, I too get up earlier to get in my exercize for the day. It is exilerating to get up and get the body going and full of energy....then I can go all day cause i have my shot of adrenaline going.. .. .. ....peace

DnvrFox 05-25-07 06:52 PM


Early AM is the BEST!!

Beverly 05-25-07 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by DnvrFox

Early AM is the BEST!!

Only if it's not to get to work on time:( :(

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