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further 06-26-07 11:03 PM

Driver Ed
I work afternoon shift, 3-11, so at about 7:30 or so I’m sitting at the picnic table out back eating my dinner. Other side of the fence is a lightly trafficked, but wide and flat road. So I glance up at the road and here’s a cyclist, going about 20 or so,in the middle of the road, alongside a car, talking (loudly) to the driver, thru the driver side window. I overhear, from the cyclist, “for pedestrians, we’re considered vehicles” from the driver, in a startled tone, “oh, thank you I didn’t know”. Then they were out of hearing range. I wonder what led up to this exchange, and what thoughts went thru the drivers mind during and after it.
There is a fair amount of bicycle traffic on this road, both beater bikes with people just getting around, and high dollar, serious, cyclist. Not that the people forced on to a bike (money, DUI,ect) aren’t seriously trying to get where they’re going

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