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MichiganMike 07-17-07 06:42 PM

Pittsburgh to DC Trip Competed - Rattlesnake!!
Just finished up my trip from Pittsburgh to DC on the Allegheny and C&O Canal Trails. Great time. On the second day I was riding with a guy named Allen from Pittsburgh. Day two was a long slow climb up to the Savage Mountain Tunnel. As we rode, I saw a large stick on the trail so I kind of squeezed over to miss the stick. Hard on spokes you know. Anyway, as I rode past the end of the stick, I saw the end of it move by my shoe and glanced down......RATTLESNAKE! Anyway, I couldn't get my shoe out of the pedal and just went right over the top of his very unhappy head. Didn't run over him, my pedal just went over the top of him. Allen was cracking up because he'd never seen anyone try to climb out of their back as bad as I wanted too.

Anyway, Tom, you asked about riding up the trail from Frostburg to the tunnel and what it looked like. Here you go:

Great ride. I am posting it day by day at CGOAB in a day or so.

Tom Bombadil 07-17-07 07:19 PM

I grew up near that area. We occasionally saw rattlesnakes, usually near berry patches, but not very often.

Definitely not something I'd want to come across on a trail.

So where are the flat'ish sections of the trail? I might give a thought about riding on it when I'm back east in two weeks. But I'm not too interested in riding up an incline for 10-20 miles.

Ken Brown 07-17-07 07:39 PM

That's not fair! It was raining when I was at Big Savage. Then again, I guess the rain kept the rattlesnakes off the trail.

Glad you had a good trip. How many days did you take?

Jet Travis 07-17-07 09:14 PM

Yeoooww. Great picture.

tlc20010 07-17-07 09:18 PM

That would make a nice dinner;).....speaking of which, don't forget to let me know about dinner and/or a ride.

Digital Gee 07-17-07 09:20 PM

Who took the picture of the snake?

MichiganMike 07-18-07 02:27 AM

I took the picture of the snake. This is the middle picture of three. In the last one he is starting to get mad and was coiling up so we left.

I did the trip in 5 days. Left on Friday and got to DC on Tuesday. Each day was around 70 miles or so. I had no rain during the day when I rode, but it rained every night when I was done. The days were always brilliant blue skies though.

The last day was the worst. I spent the night in Harpers Ferry WV. That night there was a bad storm (I slept right through it), with high winds and hail between Harpers Ferry and Brunswick MD. For a two mile stretch there were several trees and branches down across the trail. Several times I had to literally climb over the stuff trying to carry my bike. Not much fun at all.

TLC20010: I'll give you a call about dinner in a day or so. I am waiting to see if my wife is coming out on Friday as planned.

Tom: It's really not flat in that part of the trail. It's a gradual incline so it's not so bad. If you start in Frostburg, up to the tunnel is only about 6 miles or so. There is actually a smaller one you go through first. The good thing is coming back you have a nice easy pedal.

ang1sgt 07-18-07 04:59 AM


Originally Posted by MichiganMike (Post 4873749)
Great ride. I am posting it day by day at CGOAB in a day or so.

Mike...What is CGOAB?

I would really like to get more info about your ride. I've gone West from DC and into West Virginia many MANY years ago, but would like to try the route you did.

Thanks for posting!


P.S. I'll take some snake, Pan Fried with some Scallions please!

P.S.S. I found it! LOL!

PaulH 07-18-07 06:34 AM

Cool pictures; great snake! Thanks for posting your adventure.


George 07-18-07 06:46 AM

Man you sure make some nice trips Mike, thanks for the pictures. By the way, rattlesnake tastes just like chicken.

Beverly 07-18-07 06:47 AM

I hope you were using the zoom lens when you took the picture of the snake:eek:

Thanks for the ride report. I would love to do the whole trail someday. All I've done are sections near Ohiopyle and loved it.

Tom Bombadil 07-18-07 09:29 AM

I guess we have found out that MichiganMike is not half the man that Terrierman is.

ticwanos 07-18-07 09:46 AM

Nature raw, with fang and claw!!:eek: I love the great outdoors. It sounds like a great ride. Did you have time to take more pictures?

freeranger 07-19-07 06:13 AM

Good pics. Years ago several of us went riding on one of the Pa rail-trails, it was either Jim Thorpe, or a nearby rail-trail. Anyway, there were half a dozen or more folks with "snake bags" and poles. They were capturing rattlesnakes so they could be "milked" to produce serum. We probably would have ridden right over one had one of them not warned us to veer over to the left. He saw the snake, we didn't. Miss those Pa. rail-trails, some beautiful scenery to be enjoyed!

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