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Terrierman 09-06-07 09:10 PM

That feeling of freedom
I went for a bike ride tonight. It had rained most of the week til this evening and then it was dry with those big puffy white clouds in a perfect blue sky. Lovey went to visit her mother and I had no deadlines to meet and nowhere I had to be. Went for a little ride up east of Springfield. It's a beautiful big rolling prairie - some old nice places and som incredibly nice new places, mostly pastures but with some good sized patches of timber. Pretty country. Good roads too, and not much traffic at all. I soon had that good feeling of total freedom that comes along on the best rides. Took off on some roads I had not ridden before and saw a few new places. What a night. I know you have all had that feeling I knew tonight, the one where you know you can go anywhere you want, and have a great time getting there. So sweet and still so rare, yet, its really nothing to be there other than to just go....

September is a good month. Enjoy it all, and in good health.

Digital Gee 09-06-07 09:36 PM

I nominate September as International 50+ Biking Month.

howsteepisit 09-06-07 09:42 PM

I vote for September and October as the best months, Wather starts to cool, humidities drop, Here in Montana the snowstorms start....

Louis 09-06-07 10:11 PM

Man, I know the feeling. Some of my best riding has been after a long rain, when the tires kick up spray, but not too much, and you don't mind because it's warm enough that it feels good. The bike caresses the pavement, silky and silent. The riding is effortless...a magic carpet ride.

Yen 09-07-07 09:59 PM

Today's ride felt soooooooo good even into the mid-80s, compared with the sweltering heat we had last weekend. I love the feeling of freedom I feel on the bike, even in traffic. Terrierman, I'd love to live near some scenic country like you described. It's hard to get away from traffic here unless we drive out to the boonies.

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