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jppe 09-30-07 08:59 AM

Where is everybody?????
The past two days have finally been superb for riding in NC........morning temps have been in the high 50's and quickly warming to the 70's with little wind. After a 2 week layoff, I've gotten back out riding on our local areas in the early morning where most folks normally ride and have not seen anyone out.

C'mon folks-it doesn't get any better than this around here!!!

Yesterday morning I did have an elderly couple pull up beside me in their car and the old coot driving (about my age) hollared at me and said that as fast as I going I was going to get a speeding ticket. We all just laughed and they rolled on........

Floyd 09-30-07 09:22 AM

Twould be a bit of a trip for me to make it to NC, but I am here and riding...
after Mass last night I rode, without changing clothes, to a couple of a baptism and the other a Quincean~era (15th birthday)... got my pants leg caught as I was powering up to cross at an intersection, almost an embarassing moment.

rck 09-30-07 09:54 AM

Funny you should mention that. In the town where I live there are a number of riders, some of whom are pretty serious. Yet I never see them when I'm out riding. I've got 2400 miles in and have seen other riders out on the road maybe 3 times this season, excluding the couple of charity rides I've done. Methinks that in part its because a lot of the riders around here use the more heavily (relative term that) traveled roads. I, however, stick primarily to lightly travelled roads. These have a tendency to be a bit hillier with somewhat rougher road surfaces but not any worse than many areas. Who knows?

cyclinfool 09-30-07 12:43 PM

Look behind you - there all trying to keep up:D

Yen 09-30-07 01:40 PM

We wondered the same thing on our 30+ mile ride yesterday. It was a beautiful day, mid-70s, great weather. Where were all the riders? A roadie passed us on our side, a couple rode by on the other side, we saw several recreational cyclists, but the MUPs had mainly a few walkers and a couple of cyclists. We wondered if everyone finished their rides earlier in the morning when it was even cooler.

stapfam 09-30-07 02:05 PM

They weren't over here so You must have lost them somewhere.

Beverly 09-30-07 02:25 PM

They're all up here riding:)

Monday night was the regular river trail ride and our group (9 riders) passed several other riders.
Tuesday night 24 of us did the regular ride on rural roads.
Friday there were 8 of us and we passed several other riders on the trails.
Saturday morning the park bike program brought out 56 riders.
I must admit we didn't see any other riders on the breakfast ride this morning:(

RockyMtnMerlin 09-30-07 02:32 PM

Last three days: Wyoming = WIND!!!

Terrierman 09-30-07 03:47 PM

It was a nice day here too, but a bit windy. Hey when it is sunny, 85 and low humidity, I can take a little wind!

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