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Jet Travis 10-02-07 08:26 PM

Today's Ride Report in Haiku
Played hooky from work
Rode a sweet, slow century
Now I'm drinking wine.

Big Paulie 10-02-07 08:54 PM


StephenH 10-02-07 09:28 PM

Though sun and blue sky
Beckon me to the bike path,
My bike is stolen.

RockyMtnMerlin 10-02-07 09:29 PM

How cool is this thread?! Haiku for cyclists over 50! Pretty good haiku too! :)

Terrierman 10-02-07 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by Jet Travis (Post 5379177)
Played hooky from work
Rode a sweet, slow century
Now I'm drinking wine.

Work will wait for a day
I hope you had a tailwind
A nice cabernet?

CrossChain 10-02-07 11:07 PM

Deep in the bowels of your employer,
A bean tallying gnome
has uncovered: an inconsistency in attendance.

Yet all you heard...
The hum of early autumn,
the whisper of passing pavement.

jcm 10-03-07 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by Big Paulie (Post 5379376)

Oh Yeah! Here we go...

Rule of Sublime Poem,
Capsule of thought and wisdom.
Express through writing.

Five syllables here,
Seven more the line below.
Now, complete with five.

Humor, too, can dwell,
In forum so late at night.
Too much time on hands.

Come morning I ride,
Save some gas, leave small footprint.
Arrive at work, wet.

After work, ride home.
Hot shower, get on the scale.
Hmmm... no change - big butt.

Dimples on big butt.
Bad dimples, must go away.
Shirley Temple Butt.

maddmaxx 10-03-07 04:44 AM


Originally Posted by Big Paulie (Post 5379376)


Big Paulie 10-03-07 08:53 AM

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Originally Posted by maddmaxx (Post 5380563)


maddmaxx 10-03-07 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by Big Paulie (Post 5381513)

Couldn't help myself. It was just an expression of the sudden joy of the moment when I found out we were going to do more Haiku.....:)

Pamestique 10-03-07 12:26 PM

The sun shines outside.
I am chained to my desk.
Cold tears fall down my face. :(

TruF 10-03-07 02:21 PM

On-topic for haikus. (Off-topic for bikes) This is the funniest collection of haikus I've ever seen: haiku's for newly neutered dog Warning: some are a bit off-color.

SaiKaiTai 10-03-07 04:00 PM

My wheels are broken
The shop screwed up the order
Now I'm on my own

Jet Travis 10-03-07 05:17 PM

You are not alone
We are with you every day
Second guessing you

Big Paulie 10-03-07 10:28 PM

I cycled today
Fifty seven point five miles
"Haiku Mileage," yes!

SaiKaiTai 10-03-07 10:58 PM

Fog was blowing in
I pedaled over flats and hills
Spinning smoothly up

Digital Gee 10-03-07 11:00 PM

I rode single speed
I didn't want to shift gears
Twenty mph

Digital Gee 10-03-07 11:02 PM

Black jersey, black bibs
Silver helmet and white bike
Felt invincible.

Big Paulie 10-03-07 11:26 PM

Black Jersey, white bike
Black Bibs, white hat, Caddillac...
Dee Gee's a time bomb!

cccorlew 10-03-07 11:32 PM

I hate poetry. I'm not a fan of this stuff. And yet, you all are totally cracking me up. Well done. Carry on.

Tom Bombadil 10-04-07 12:07 AM

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Tom doesn't do Haiku
And neither should you

Digital Gee 10-04-07 12:14 AM

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You were voted off once,
Don't make this number two.

Tom Bombadil 10-04-07 12:24 AM

White bike, Pointy Head
Sweat pants, Digital Roubaix
Black bibs potty time

maddmaxx 10-04-07 04:35 AM


I love Haiku for breakfast.

Big Paulie 10-04-07 08:13 AM

Tom Bombadill leaves
For neigh on four days and nights
Can you say, "Whoopee???!!!"

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