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Digital Gee 12-02-07 12:04 AM

Only 202 days until Summer
Just sayin'

tntom 12-02-07 12:11 AM

Weather is great here right now. 55* I love it. I would muck rather have that than 90*

kakman 12-02-07 02:45 AM

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Originally Posted by Digital Gee (Post 5729498)
Just sayin'

then there's that 'other' side of the world that you Americans tend to forget :D

this pic (me and the kids) from this morning...

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stevesurf 12-02-07 02:54 AM


Originally Posted by Digital Gee (Post 5729498)
Just sayin'

Grrrrrrrr or rather Brrrrrrrrr as I look outside and there is a wee bit of snow on the cars, and it's just December. It's really bothering me this year as I just have to figure out the cold weather gear and keep riding...

maddmaxx 12-02-07 04:36 AM


bsdsys_x86 12-02-07 04:58 AM

Even though our winters here suck, our summers here are insane! I cannot wait to get out of this oven and into some cool weather. I hate the summer when it is just too hot and that's what you get here. It was like over 100 for 15 or so days straight this year, I'm done with that. I will take the 6 months of winter Chicago has to offer and hopefully when I move there it will turn out to be 7 month.

jppe 12-02-07 07:33 AM

And here I thought it was always paradise in San Diego????

Trsnrtr 12-02-07 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by jppe (Post 5730220)
And here I thought it was always paradise in San Diego????

That's what I thought when I read that. :rolleyes:

We're on the weather roller coaster right now. 20's and 30's, ice and wind, and then, this morning it's 52F and virtually calm. The only problem is, temps are supposed to start dropping soon, become windy and be snowing again by this evening. :eek:

George 12-02-07 08:52 AM

High 70s here, see you later, I'm going riding.

Kurt Erlenbach 12-02-07 11:29 AM

65 yesterday when I started, about 78 when I finished. Perfect riding weather. Getting a Christmas tree today and watching the BCS show, with my Buckeyes on the way back to the NC game. A great weekend! Oklahoma and Pitt, my two new favorite teams.

Tom Bombadil 12-02-07 02:35 PM

I don't think of this time of year in terms of the number of days until summer, but I do have some milestones.

- It is 53 more days until our sunsets occur after 5 pm. They've been earlier than 5pm for about 4 weeks now.

- It is 74 more days until our average high temperature is above 32.

- It is 101 more days until our sunsets are after 6 pm, the avg high is above 42, and the avg low is up to 20. That day is March 12th. I consider that to be our "Get out of Winter's Prison Day." For many members of this forum, our weather then is still much worse than their area ever gets, but around here it at least begins to feel like there is some hope & meaning left to life.

Tom Bombadil 12-02-07 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by kerlenbach (Post 5731002)
... with my Buckeyes on the way back to the NC game. A great weekend!

You really want to watch Ohio State play LSU?

Digital Gee 12-02-07 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil (Post 5731928)
You really want to watch Ohio State play LSU?

OSU is #1. :)

Tom Bombadil 12-02-07 04:08 PM

If'n I were an Ohio State fan, I would have been cheering for WVU to have scored late vs Pitt to win that game 14-13. Then Ohio State would be playing West Virginia in the National Championship game, instead of LSU (their probable opponent).

crtreedude 12-02-07 04:19 PM

It was a wonderful 75 or so out there while I was riding today. While riding, I don't feel the sweat, but when I stop, a nice shower feels good. Good excuse for frozen treats during the ride too.

Nothing special, just another perfect day in paradise. When it is raining lightly (only warm rain here) it is even better. We don't even have cold and warm fronts. Ah, blessed boredom....

We don't have Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall - just perfect weather. :D

Back to you all's seasonal whining... ;)

FrankieV 12-02-07 06:58 PM

I rode my last ride last week in beatutiful fall weather (55 degrees).
But rain, sleet and snow today here in New York City.
It kind of goes with the Rockefeller Christmas tree and the decorated stores,
but it's a stab in the heart to me and my bike.:(
Countin' the days until the first warm day of spring.:)

TruF 12-02-07 07:09 PM

Love the hammock. Where are the mojitos?

Artkansas 12-02-07 11:37 PM

Perfect weather here. Just about 60 degrees. Riding is no sweat!

stapfam 12-03-07 03:14 PM

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Some one say that nasty word Su&&er

Too wet- too cool- Too many people sight seeing in Cars instead of sitting on the beach- and too many headwinds. Give me winter where I know what the weather is going to do.

And that Hammock needs stretching tighter

card 12-03-07 04:41 PM

LSU is going to put it on Ohio State.

Sorry. Something about the SEC.

BTW,,,,,,,,,,OSU stands for Oklahoma State University:rolleyes:

Pamestique 12-03-07 04:48 PM

I hate to say it but NOW is my favorite time to ride. I like a little cold (I admit since I live in California this is all easy for me to say). Nothing better than putting on arm warmers, a light vest, maybe an undershirt and never feeling hot and sweaty. This is especially a great time for mountain biking. I have no problem doing a tough climb when its cool out. Summer comes along and the temperatures get above 85 and my head always feels like its going to explode. Plus I have to worry about dehydration, heat stroke etc. Plus did I say, I get all sweaty? Ugh. Hopefully I can enjoy the next 4 - 6 months before it starts getting hot. I'm just saying... ;)

I am with Tom on the longer days... Summer means weekday riding for me. For that I risk alittle heat.

Ken Brown 12-03-07 05:33 PM

This is the scene out my front window. Snow was followed by rain, then it froze into ice. Not cycling for a while.

NotAsFat 12-05-07 12:03 AM

I would rather ride in 40 degrees celsius than 40 degrees farenheit weather. The place for ice is a drink.

Tom Bombadil 12-05-07 12:19 AM

It used to look a lot like Ken's picture here. But we just got another 5" of snow tonight, so it is now all white. Wind chill is at 8 right now. On Thursday morning the air temp is supposed to be down to 6, with a sub-zero wind chill.

Of course, in January we would be fairly happy with this weather. It can get much worse.

wobblyoldgeezer 12-05-07 12:30 PM

Pretty good here just now - 85F mid-day, 65 night, low humidity.

Next April the temperature will be 100f+ and climbing till October, with regular 120f+ - that's when the cycling gets less appealing.

I'm going back to UK, and then to Calif to ski in 2 weeks time - it'll be great, but to be honest I dread the cold. First time I came to Middle East temperature (1979), I used to LOVE the feeling of getting into a car that had been parked in the sun all day. Oh Yea , WARM. I still love it. I had too many chilly nights as a kid in an unheated bedroom in Yorkshire - cold has no appeal to me.

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