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big john 12-02-07 08:46 AM

Completed first century yesterday,(sorry,jppe).
Well, the first since crashing my mtb 6 weeks ago. It was called "The Tour de Francis", named after the organizer Francis Ignacio, who is a long distance racer and all around great guy. Our club was invited to participate for free! The route was 100 miles through the mountains above Castaic Lake with 9500 feet of climbing. Tough enough, but throw in temps in the 30s and low 40s and wind, whoa.
The support was great, better than some rides I have paid $50 for, with lots of variety at the stops, including hot chicken soup at lunch! I gotta tell you, when you are cold and demoralized, some hot soup will get your spirit back, especially when followed by some tailwinds!
My group dropped me, so I rode the last 25 miles alone into the cold headwind. But at the finish was a huge spread of food and warm clothes in my car, so I felt good again, and glad to be done. Did I mention the steep 1.5 mile climb to the finish?
About 75 riders started, many turned back and some got picked up by the SAG vehicles, but I'm happy to be among those that did the whole damn thing.
Almost forgot, BD, my girlfriend and I went out for a wonderful salad and penne pasta in pesto sauce topped with 5 jumbo shrimp, yum!

Kurt Erlenbach 12-02-07 11:32 AM

No matter how crummy the ride, nothing beat the feeling when you hit the 100 mark. Good work, BJ

big john 12-02-07 04:17 PM

Thanks! These guys,(Adobo Velo) made the ride fun despite the conditions. They had a King of the Mountains competition with cheering, cowbells, and timer calling out your number at the tops of the climbs. They also had an awards ceremony after the post-ride feast. They gave trophies and ribbons out to the KOM winners, oldest rider (70), youngest rider (24), and for her first century to one rider. They really helped make it memorable.
There was also a club from the San Diego area, a bunch of strong climbers.

big john 12-02-07 04:37 PM

Thanks, pprayers, but it wasn't my first century, just teasing jppe about his thread title. It was quite a feeling of accomplishment, however.

Red Rider 12-02-07 05:00 PM

Congrats on a successful finish! :beer:

jppe 12-02-07 07:50 PM

Great job Big John!! Your ride had twice the climbing and in a lot cooler conditions than mine!! But it sounds like what was served up food wise was a whole lot better than the bananas and peanut butter crackers I carried with me.

Now the question is-will you do it 4 more times this month!!!!

big john 12-03-07 04:36 PM

4 more times this month? I'm thinking not, but I am taking a week off this month soooo.....
The ride photogs have posted 600 pics from Saturday. I guess they love their cameras.

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