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raybo 12-03-07 11:03 AM

Help needed to test website with IE6
I have made some significant changes at and wonder if anyone on this board who uses Internet Explorer 6 or earlier or Safari would mind clicking on the above link, visiting the home page and seeing if the page loads without a problem.

If the home page loads correctly, you should see 20 listings under the words "Most Recent Entries." If there is an error, there won't be anything below those words.

It works properly on FireFox and IE7. However, I don't have any other browsers on my machine so can't test them. The site had problems with IE6 when I first put the application up and I want to make sure I haven't created another problem (20% or more visitors use IE6!).

You can print your results here or send me a PM with any problems.

I really appreciate this!



jedde 12-03-07 11:11 AM

Works fine with Safari 1.3.2.
BTW, awesome photos!

Digital Gee 12-03-07 11:11 AM

Works fine with Camino on my Mac.

jedde 12-03-07 11:14 AM

heh, a virtual tie

Eureka 12-03-07 11:20 AM

looks good under IE 6. 20 topics and shows how many pages there are and how to get to the rest.

Hermes 12-03-07 11:49 AM

Fine with Safari 3.0.4

raybo 12-03-07 11:57 AM

Thank you all very much!


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