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TruF 12-08-07 06:30 PM

Need to save $$ for a bike-ful retirement

Hubby and I are starting to budget in preparation for his retirement next year. We took a look at our expenses and identified opportunities to save some $$. I want to start with our phone bill. Between DSL, our land line, and our two cell phones, we spend over $150.00 a month. :eek:

Do any of you 50+ have comprehensive telephone plans that cover the internet connection, the home phone, and a pair of cell phones for less than we are spending each month? And are you happy with the service?

What we save on telephone expenses, we can spend on bike accessories! (This being a bike forum and all...) ;)


Velo Dog 12-08-07 06:51 PM

We just signed up for TV with Charter Communications (bad reputation around here, but the only company available in our rural area), and I think I remember seeing a package deal that was something like $79 a month. Even if it's one of those first-year introductory offers, it would get you to retirement.
Another thing to look at: Without realizing it, I'd fallen into the habit of getting a couple of cappuccinos a day. At $3.25 a pop plus tip, I was spending $200 a month on coffee. Maybe I was in denial, but I had NO idea until I added it up.

stapfam 12-08-07 06:55 PM

Not appropriate to your country- but we have one phone line into the house and it is Broadband- I pay about $60 a month for that and all phone calls and internet connection are free. And as to cell phones-I have one and don't use it. It is pay as you go and I bought the sim card in 2001 with 1 credit on it. I then bought a 20 credit and still have 9 credit on it.

I suppose my lifestyle may be different to most as I am tight fisted. If it cost me money and I don't want it or need it- I don't get it.

astropuppy 12-08-07 08:36 PM

I just converted our house hold.
Old way
1 landline $40/month
1 DSL $32/month
New way after special pricing is exhausted.
1 cable internet connection $42/month
1 Vonage $25/month

Saves 5 bucks and the cable internet connection is way better then DSL

All 4 of our cell phones are Tracfones
Cost about 8 cents a minute with codes etc...
$20/month for all four. We are not big talkers. Kids are big texters.

It's the best I could figure out and if our 12 year old loses her cell phone, my credit card isn't connected to it in anyway.

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