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Hermes 02-11-08 10:23 AM

Ski Trip: Deer Valley Utah - Cross Training
Velodiva and I to a ski vacation last week to Park City / Deer Valley, Utah. We stayed at the Marriott Mountainside at Park City. There was a lot of snow and the resorts have over 100 inches of base.

Our legs felt great skiing and all the bicycle training seemed to apply to the skiing. Even though the slopes are groomed, there was so much snow each day that the runs quickly turned into mogul fields which worked the legs even more. Here are some photos.
Flying into Salt Lake City
View from our room

The following shots are from Deer Valley

Velodiva before descending Stein's Way

Me before descending Hidden Treasure

Taken from the plane on approach to Oakland Airport

We arrived back on Saturday and went for a bike ride to rev the engines. We both felt great. We did a 3 hour ride on Sunday and rode up Old La Honda 7.2% grade 3.5 miles long to practice for our King of the Mountain race up the Sierra climb on Saturday.

jppe 02-11-08 05:19 PM

Parabolic or "regular" skies?

Surprised to not see you two on a tandem snowboard!!!

Hermes 02-11-08 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by jppe (Post 6147293)
Parabolic or "regular" skies?

Surprised to not see you two on a tandem snowboard!!!


jppe 02-11-08 07:24 PM

Ain't technology great!!

dendawg 02-11-08 11:14 PM

Going to Park City in 2 weeks. Too cold to ride here in NYC right now, except on the trainer in my living room.

Hermes 02-11-08 11:19 PM

Ski technology has advanced a lot over the last few years. We started skiing parabolic skis in 1999. We took some lessons to learn how to turn the skis by rolling the edges. On groomed slopes I can do it. When the terrain gets more technical, I find myself unweighting the skis or using a combination. But you are absolutely technology is fantastic.

Speedskater 02-12-08 08:01 AM

"Parabolic" I don't think that I have heard that word in skiing for years. It's so like, last century. My 160 GS's are starting to look very long.

Old Hammer Boy 02-12-08 09:26 AM

Glad you enjoyed your visit here in Utah. Yes, we are having a banner snow year. Like you, when I went up skiing a few weeks ago for the first time this year, no problemo. Skiing and bicycling; great cross-training. My stoker and I live right at the base of the canyon (Little Cottonwood) that goes up to Snowbird and Alta where we have quite a bit more snow than Park City. But on Sunday we cycled about 35 miles down here in the valley because it got up to about 50. Thanks for leaving some money!

Red Rider 02-12-08 09:37 AM

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you two had a terrific time.

You've returned in time to take advantage of this excellent weather. Welcome home!

dendawg 03-02-08 08:48 AM

We just got back from a week. Forgot my edge the first day out, but on day 2 logged a little over 37 miles (including lift rides) and almost 19000 verticle! Whooo hoooo! Since it snowed the previous night some of it was even in powder. Took it easy the next two days going xc at Sundance, and a snowmobile tour. Had a great time.

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