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SmackDab 05-06-08 08:34 PM

8 Miles and 3 Pictures
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Weather forecast thunderstorms off and on today. We ignored this forecast, and my wife and I loaded our bikes on the car and drove out to Lake Zorinsky for a ride. We've walked parts of the Lake Zorinsky Trail (in Omaha Nebraska) but this was our first time there with the bikes. We're newbies, and that lets us have a lot of first times to look forward to in various places.

The lake is sort of in two sections, with a trail circling each portion of the lake. Our plan was to do the smaller portion of the lake, with its shorter trail, head up to a picnic spot, take a break, then head for the car and home. The trail was a little bumpy, a little narrow, and had more hills than we hoped for.

After almost completing the small loop, we were both ready to call it quits for the day. Can't remember exactly, but this was at only about two miles or around there. Maybe we didn't allow enough recuperation time after our ride of two days back.

The last part of this segment was more scenic, it was downhill, it was a better quality surface, and this all gave us incentive to get on the big trail, with the plan of going up it a ways, turning around, and heading back. We were quite sure we wouldn't be wanting to do the entire ride around the lake just yet.

Anyways, we kept going, soon made it almost to the dam at the end of the lake, and by that time decided to go all the way around. Circling the lake, we finally arrived at our original planned picnic spot, and took a long enough break to have a can of pop for myself, and my wife had her iced tea.

Here is a look back at the woodsy section of the trail, as seen from the picnic area where we had our drinks. That's the dam on the right side of the picture.

Now I don't understand why, but we both less discomfort after finshing the ride than we did about 2 miles into it.

Officially this is listed as a seven mile ride, but my superb navigation skills added a mile to it because I selected the wrong trail at one corner. No complaints about that, and we are looking forward to our next ride, wherever that may be.

RockyMtnMerlin 05-07-08 07:14 AM

Looks like a nice setting. Thanks for the pics and narrative. Just think, only three or four more weeks and things around here will start to green up. :D

Litespeed 05-07-08 07:04 PM

Thanks for the pictures -- what a beautiful spot! Glad you two had a great time -- with lots more to come.

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