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stapfam 05-11-08 03:11 PM

Start of the riding season
OK Its here. Summer has come for a few days- or even a week if you believe what they tell you. Did a ride in the mid 80's today but was still not taking chances. Wicking vest and a short sleeve top. Same as I rode in last week- but last week I carried the Pertex as a precaution on a cool wind. We have a saying over here

"Ner cast a clout till May is out". Basically translated- It means don't trust the odd warm spell till June as it will change- and very quickly.

So the weather is here- even if is is temporarily- but I felt like riding today. Intention was to do a couple of hills- down for a coffee and then finish up over the flat bits to get some miles in and recover the legs. Met a couple of mates training for a 50 miler and they did the flat bits and then were doing a couple of slopes. 8% for a mile and then the long 5% drag for two miles. Decided to join them as The legs still had a bit left in them. Not much but just enough to give them a workout. Then I did the 20 across the flatbits. Only a 40 miler and back to the garden and look at it. Too hot in the garden so indoors to watch the 2nd stage of the Giro. Any one any idea of who won it? I saw the sign saying 40kms to go and then the wife brought me in a Tea and it was canoeing on the box.

So summer is here- and the rides will be getting longer. And Sunday afternoons will be a fleeting bit of the day as I rest my eyes from all that brilliant Sun.

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