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Allegheny Jet 05-12-08 09:32 AM

Aghhh!... quit thinking I'm old!
I might have had my first "senior moment" this past Saturday. I'm 55 and started to enter bicycle races this year. My wife tells me I'm too old for racing so that does provide for some extra motivation:). Saturday's race was my third. In my first two races I got dropped by the field about 2/3rds into the races. At this past week's race I'm still with the lead group nearing the end of the race. A million things were going thru my mind as we neared the end of the race, inlcuding how I was going to finish and wondering why I was not dead tired. This was my first time "being in the hunt" and I was not mentally prepared for what was happening around me since my goal was not to get dropped again. It was a Cat 5 race so I assumed everyone was young and fast, now, I'm riding right in amongst them! With about a 1/3 mile to go I'm right up near the front of the pack of about 20 guys when two guys made a break on the right. I caught the wheel of the 2nd rider and we pulled ahead of the group. Going into the last turns and hill finish I'm thinking how great it will be if I can follow the two guys to the finish. About 100 yards from the finish another group of riders started to pull past, on the left, and I just followed the two ending up in 6th place. At first I am elated to finish with the pack and placing somewhere in the top 10. Then reality set in and I realized that I did not try to win.:( I hope this is not a sign of aging and accepting what my mother and wife are telling me, that I'm too old to be doing this bike racing. If I ever am in a position to win a race again, I pledge and promise the 55+ Forums Members that "I will not act my age" and go for it all!:thumb:

maddmaxx 05-12-08 09:56 AM

A true senior moment is when you follow the wheel of the escort motorcycle off the escape road before the finish.

Or when after finishing in the top ten you realize that you don't remember where you parked the car...:lol:

Congrats on the finish. I assume that there were a suitable number of younguns behind so that you could gloat.

Allegheny Jet 05-12-08 10:08 AM


I don't need to gloat (already did that), those younguns just need to train harder than me.:roflmao2:

cccorlew 05-12-08 10:11 AM

Just a step on the journey. carry on!

Hermes 05-12-08 10:16 AM

Congrats...:cheers: Which race was it? Criterium or road race? Pics?

Allegheny Jet 05-12-08 11:06 AM

It was the RATL # 4 crit in Monroe Falls OH. 10 laps @ 1.2miles. I do have some pictures. I'll try to post a few tonight.

Hermes 05-12-08 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by Allegheny Jet (Post 6679925)
It was the RATL # 4 crit in Monroe Falls OH. 10 laps @ 1.2miles. I do have some pictures. I'll try to post a few tonight.

Thanks...My wife and I are originally from Cleveland. It is always interesting to see what is happening on the racing scene in Ohio.

BSLeVan 05-12-08 12:16 PM

Glad you're enjoying your races. I must say, however, that age has little to do with wanting to "win" a race. I've competed in many different things in my life time, but was never interested in winning a race. The few times I've entered a race, it was simply for the thrill of riding fast in a pack that was moving much faster than I could on my own, and on a "protected" course. That is, on a course that had some motor vehicle traffic controls during the race. It's akin to being on a roller coaster in terms of excitement for me. Winning was not something that ever entered into it. But if the thought of trying to win gets your juices flowing, then go for it.

Terex 05-12-08 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by Allegheny Jet (Post 6679925)
It was the . 10 laps @ 1.2miles. I do have some pictures. I'll try to post a few tonight.

I'm originally from that area and try to get in a ride when we're in town visiting. My wife and I and our kids have all swam at the park. Good to hear that they're using the park for races. Having a closed course is great. Best of luck with your racing. I think my wife would be just as "supportive" if I started to race. :)

Metric Man 05-12-08 01:45 PM

I think that's FANTASTIC!! One step at a time. After all, first you have to be in the hunt, then you learn how to kill. ;)

BlazingPedals 05-12-08 01:49 PM

What was the prize for 6th place? PIE?

maddmaxx 05-12-08 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by BlazingPedals (Post 6681021)
What was the prize for 6th place? PIE?

I'm thinking "a big slice of smile."

Allegheny Jet 05-12-08 02:01 PM

The top three places got trophys. No pie, but that would have been a great guesture. My son raced the Cat 4's and took my car home which gave me the oppurtunity to ride the 35 miles home. My post ride meal consisted of three shots of Hammer fuel and a bottle with 2 and 1/2 scoops of Perpertuim mixed in water, mmm, mmm good!

The Weak Link 05-12-08 02:02 PM

From what I've read, racing has a long learning curve. You almost podium'd on your third race. I'd be giddy at this point.

maddmaxx 05-12-08 02:09 PM

Your already giddy!

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