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ctyler 06-25-08 10:08 AM

Rochester, NY - Riding out Clover to Honeoye Falls
I'll be in Rochester next week visiting a friend and am bringing my bike. Thought I'd ride out to Honeoye Falls and back on Clover. According to what I was told at the Pedallers bike shop in April, Clover is a popular route out of Rochester to points south. I'm staying near Clover and Jefferson.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


cranky old dude 06-25-08 01:49 PM

I think tsl has a lot of cycling experience in that part of the County.
If he doesn't notice this thread, maybe you could send him a pm.

ctyler 06-25-08 02:38 PM

Thanks. I'll do that.

tsl 06-25-08 03:07 PM

Yup. TSL rode it today even. Clover St (NY 65) is a real cyclist's mecca around here. The road is 45 MPH in most places, nice clean, wide shoulder, and plenty of rollers.

Lemme know where you're interested in riding out there and I can send you some of the bike club's maps in PDF. For instance, today I rode to Honeoye Falls, then followed our map #300, a 32-mile hilly loop mostly on nice, traffic-free farm roads.

The world's best root beer floats can be had just five miles east of Honeoye Falls at a place called Sweet Solutions in Ionia. Plan your lunch stop there. They close at 2pm. A nice loop is to take NY 64 back, maybe cutting through Mendon Ponds Park, a Natural History Heritage park.

Lemme know if you want a ride partner when you're here.

Edit: Took a quick look at your blog. We are in complete agreement that red is the correct color for an Arkel Tailrider.

ctyler 06-25-08 04:59 PM

Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments about the route. I'll be riding early in the morning, probably leaving around 6:30 or 7:00 am. If you're up for riding that early I could meet you at Jefferson and Clover. I'll be riding on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th weather permitting. I'm planning on doing just an out and back at least for the first ride as I don't know how much time I'll have free. Am I correct in assuming that there a coffee place in Honeoye Falls?

tsl 06-25-08 05:10 PM

Yes there is. It's on the right just before the four-corners.

Don't forget to see the falls while you're there. Follow NY 65 left at the four-corners and it's right there. It ain't Niagra, but it's nice.

Of those dates, I have Friday and Monday available. Well, Monday as long as I'm back in the city by 10:30 for T'ai Chi.

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