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Digital Gee 11-25-08 11:32 AM

How old is your newest car?
My GF is selling her vehicle and going car-free. We can do this because I still have a car, a 2000 Toyota Avalon, for those times when a bike just won't do. I get the itch to get a new(er) car every now and then, but the Avalon, at about 100,000 miles, just keeps on doing it's job, with (knock on wood) no mechanical breakdowns so far. Next year it will be ten years old. Oh, and of course, it's paid for. No car payments in many years.

Unless the car-free experiment doesn't work for GF, I'll probably keep running the Avalon until who knows when. If we really need two vehicles, I'll keep the Avalon and add something like a Honda Fit. My car is showing a little sign of age, with some scratches and a couple of rips in the upholstery, but it runs fine, gets 20 MPG, and is roomy and comfortable for longer trips.

Anyway, I got to wondering about the 50+ forum folks and how old your newest car is. When do you think you'll replace it? :commute:

stapfam 11-25-08 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Digital Gee (Post 7915353)
Anyway, I got to wondering about the 50+ forum folks and how old your newest car is. When do you think you'll replace it? :commute:

Newest car is 8 years old but the wifes is 14. Hers is being replaced tomorrow. A "NEW" VW Fox.

And 20MPG!!!!!!!!!

My 2.0 diesel gets 45mpg and the wifes little peugeot 106 diesel is around 60mpg. Claimed for the new petrol 1.2 Fox is 50mpg but we'll see.

Now bikes-?????????????

big john 11-25-08 11:43 AM

My newest car is a 1986 S-10 Blazer with 225,000 miles. I also have a 1977 GMC truck with 310,000 miles. I'd buy something newer now if there was any work.

maddmaxx 11-25-08 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by stapfam (Post 7915411)
Newest car is 8 years old but the wifes is 14. Hers is being replaced tomorrow. A "NEW" VW Fox.

Now bikes-?????????????

That would make her the "Foxy Lady"?

deraltekluge 11-25-08 11:45 AM

My only car is a 1988 model...20 years old.

stapfam 11-25-08 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by maddmaxx (Post 7915424)
That would make here the "Foxy Lady"?

Nearly---Registration will be GU 58 YFL. Daughter picked it out as "Young Foxy Lady". Don't know where the Young came in.

HAMMER MAN 11-25-08 11:53 AM

1 yr old toyota sequoia
2 yr old ford focus for work
9 yr old dodge 4x4 for haulin and fun

[email protected] 11-25-08 12:07 PM

'97 Miata M-Edition 25-30 mpg (weekend car)
'06 Honda Insight 65-70 mpg (commute to work Mon.-Fri. car)

Rick / OCRR

cranky old dude 11-25-08 12:13 PM

The wife's is a '96 Camry...our main ride.
Mine is an '88 Caprice.
Back in '94 we purchased a new Ford Van and had it Converted and pre-prepped
for wheelchair use for the bride (her M.S.). We haven't needed to complete that
Conversion yet and we use it as a "Road Trip" vehicle (hauling kids back and forth from school).

Camry ???? mpg city; 32 mpg highway (4 cylinder/auto)
Caprice 15-17 mpg city; 23 mpg highway (V-8 305ci)
Ford Van ???? mpg city; 17-21 Highway (V-8 302ci)

When will I buy another? I can't say never as rust always claims our
vehicles up here. Since American manufacturers are totally clueless and can't
seem to find their way back to reality and since the Japanese cars are getting
bigger and thirstier for us dummies over here who keep buying them, I hope I
don't have to buy again for a long time. I'ld really like a small, economical
pickup truck but the choices are , well there isn't one. They've all gone
Mid-size with big tires and thirsty engines except for Ford Rangers which are
basically new antiques.

Louis 11-25-08 12:16 PM

I finally had to replace my trusty old Geo Metro last year when the frame rusted through. Ended up with a '07 Chev. HHR.

Wife drives a '92 Chev Euro Lumina, or something like that.

roadfix 11-25-08 12:28 PM

I drive a '98 Ford Explorer.
My wife has an '06 BMW X5.

Consularrider 11-25-08 12:34 PM

Our only car is a 2001 PT Cruiser (delivered in December 2000) with 30,000 miles, with most of that from vacation trips and weekend grocery shopping. My bike is now getting more miles on it per week than the car.

crtreedude 11-25-08 12:51 PM

I think our Diesel Isuzu trooper is a 2000, but I don't know honestly. Engine is newer and rebuilt (and a turbo diesel). Only our Mechanic knows for sure...

Since he works for our company, I don't worry about our vehicles. I think Toro is my youngest vehicle. He is 8 years old, and a horse. :D

SaiKaiTai 11-25-08 12:57 PM

Mine is a 2001 325i
Mrs S has a 2001 V40

KungPaoSchwinn 11-25-08 12:58 PM

2007 Honda Element LX,2 rear seats are removed to accommodate my bike,2 light duty nylon tie down straps keep it secure during driving.

Mojo Slim 11-25-08 01:11 PM

2000 Chrysler 300m with 160K on it.
1993 Ford Ranger with 150K on it. I put more miles on my bike than on my truck.
No plans for a new vehicle in the near future. Both are running fine.

PaulH 11-25-08 01:33 PM

My car is a 1980 Mercedes 500SE. My wife's car is a 1993 Mercedes 300TE station wagon. Our long trips are in my airplane and my short trips are on my bike. My wife takes Metro to work. Consequently, gas milage is of no interest to us. Since neither of us drive to work, both cars should continue to be rust free and good for at least another ten years.


rae 11-25-08 01:39 PM

Mine is a 1999--Protege sedan.

It gets 25-30 mpg, and is still running perfectly with minimal maintenance (except the radio/clock usually doesn't work). Needs new tires right now.

I don't need to replace it, but I have been thinking about it, cause it is hard to get a bike inside, and often I would prefer to lock the bike inside so I can make other stops. There was a thread last year about good cars for bike transport--I've been pondering it ever since. This might be the best time to buy.

The Nissan Versa seems like a good choice, as does the Mazda3, Honda Fit, Pontiac/Toyota Vibe/Matrix, & maybe the Ford Focus--but I have a long-standing prejudice against Ford. Many of these models are in short supply around here.

Jet Travis 11-25-08 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by Louis (Post 7915641)
I finally had to replace my trusty old Geo Metro last year when the frame rusted through. Ended up with a '07 Chev. HHR.

Wife drives a '92 Chev Euro Lumina, or something like that.

With that kind of brand loyalty, GM should be flying you around on a private jet.

Beverly 11-25-08 02:08 PM

I only have one so it's the oldest and newest. It's a 2002 Chevy Venture with 140,000+ miles and it hasn't caused my any problems. It's setup to haul bikes and I'll probably keep it until it quits running. It gets decent mileage...21-25 mpg. It's an eight passenger so it can haul all the grandkids:thumb:

Bud Bent 11-25-08 02:16 PM

I drive a 2006 Tacoma. My wife has a 2005 Corolla.

Allegheny Jet 11-25-08 02:22 PM

I drive a 2007 Toyota 4 Runner and the wife drives a 1992 Lexus SC 400 which has only 88,000 miles on it.

spoke50 11-25-08 02:29 PM

Let's see... My newest car is 2 days old and I'll replace it in about 6 months.

Oh... buy the way, did I mention that I'm in the car rental business. Yep I know, free gas and free insurance, but somebody got to work this job. I do have to work holidays when everybody else is traveling though. :lol:

John E 11-25-08 02:35 PM

I share a 2001 VW Passat wagon with my wife. With only 45k miles on the clock and my maintenance habits, we plan to keep it at least another 8 years.

I share a 1996 Audi A4 2.8Q with my younger son. We'll probably keep it a few more years.

BengeBoy 11-25-08 02:44 PM

Since I "had to" (and I do mean "had to") buy a large tow vehicle this summer for a family member*, I refuse to answer this question due to acute embarrassment. Let's just say that, even when gas was approaching $5/gallon, some idiots were still out there doing idiotic things to hasten the planet to an even-earlier grave.

I hang my head in shame.

* A large hoofed mammal.

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