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jwh 05-05-09 05:02 AM

B'day-2 Ride
I went out for an average (for me) ride yesterday afternoon. I went down into the CVNP (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) to do a few good climbs and come home. This would be a 15-20 mile ride.
At about mile 12 I remembered that my B'day was coming up on Wednesday and I wanted to ride my age this year. My nice little ride turned into a 3.5 hr. 51.04 miler but I'm glad that I did it!

rck 05-05-09 08:34 AM

I'm glad my b-day is in sept.. At this point I couldn't ride your age much less mine. Congrats on your b-day and on your ride.

Floyd 05-05-09 09:03 AM

Good job on the B'day ride, makes ya feel good after it is done. Keep up the good work.

Digital Gee 05-05-09 09:56 AM

Congrats! It's fun when spontaneity factors in. The only problem with riding your age is that it gets a little longer every year...

I haven't done one in a while (I'm overdue) but I try to make mine a metric century because I like saying I just rode a metric century. :lol: I figure if I'm that close, I should go for it.

Mojo Slim 05-05-09 10:30 AM

Nothing like a birthday ride to make you feel young! Way to go.

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