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overthehillmedi 05-31-09 06:03 PM

Beware of the Cookie Monsters
Wouldn't you know it as I walked out of the local big box grocery there was a Cookie Monster standing there.With a big two teeth missing smile she sweetly asked "Would you like to buy some Girl Guide cookies?"What could I do,I handed over a five and got a loonie in change and a box of Vanilla and Chocolate cookies and I was on my way.Thankfully,they weren't selling the chocolate mint ones then I hand over a twenty and get no change.So watch out they're out there with their cookies just waiting in ambush for you. :)

cyclinfool 05-31-09 06:14 PM

My youngest is a girl scout - I get first pick! Do-si-Dos are my weak spot.

bikegeek57 05-31-09 06:14 PM

funny your note would appear next to a Peppermint Candy Recipe google ad. as for the cookies... ride more. eat more?

overthehillmedi 05-31-09 06:33 PM

We don't have Do-si-dos in my area,thankfully,what are they?

cyclinfool 05-31-09 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by overthehillmedi (Post 9016454)
We don't have Do-si-dos in my area,thankfully,what are they?

It is a peanut butter sandwich cookie - oatmeal cookies - yum

Jet Travis 05-31-09 07:43 PM

You gotta buy those cookies. It's a rule.

overthehillmedi 05-31-09 07:51 PM

Good thing that we don't have them here otherwise,it would be another twenty and no change deal then.:D

1bluetrek 06-02-09 04:03 PM

My honey just pulled a batch od oatmeal rasin cookies out of the oven...mmmm gonna hide the scale for a week
And next time I see agirl scout Im gonna ask about dosie does!

JustCruisin 06-03-09 04:03 PM

Those peanut cookies outa be illegal !!!!
one box, one large glass of milk, = empty box and dirty glass LOL. Wash glass and hide the empty box so the wife don't find out I cheated!!!

overthehillmedi 06-03-09 11:25 PM

I was wondering if there is a conversion factor out there to convert a box of cookies into how many miles it takes to burn them off. :lol:

cyclinfool 06-04-09 03:34 AM

1 mile for every 50 calories

gear 06-04-09 04:01 AM

People think the Dutch invented cookies but its not true, the devil invented cookies.

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