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one_beatnik 05-31-09 06:42 PM

Rode my age plus 13
Some gorgeous, some cruel today. I decided to ride home the long route after church today and didn't take into account the effect wind would have. The total ride can be seen here including an elevation chart:

There is the second east bound section just south of Anita that was just rude! They didn't cut anything from the hills when they laid this road and half of it was falling apart with patched sections of gravel. Then the 15 to 20mph south wind made it "interesting." Going north was a hoot though! One of those hills I hit 42 mph pulling a loaded BOB. Fun!! That's where you discover whether you've packed right. I did.

It was my longest ride of the year by 20 miles and I can say I was ready, but I'm shot now. Of course the last section was that nasty head wind. Oh well. All in all a good ride.

Hot shower did wonders. Now where's my ibuprofen?

cyclinfool 05-31-09 06:48 PM

Good job :thumb: - was it a birthday ride?

The Weak Link 05-31-09 06:48 PM

Couldn't tell how far you went fomr the site because it only posted values in kms. Nature abhors kms.

Otherwise, good job.

Old School 05-31-09 07:50 PM

Rode your age plus 13? I didn't know we let teenagers post here! :D

one_beatnik 05-31-09 07:58 PM


I didn't know we let teenagers post here!
Ha! I wish! The ride was 65 miles. No birthday thing, just to ride.

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