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djnzlab1 06-04-09 06:33 AM

Cars' 2 bike riders Zero
We had another truck versus bike road kill today Police haven't decided if there should be any charges.,2053920.story

DId I mention I was riding this am too.

John E 06-04-09 08:38 AM

As usual, a dearth of details. It would be instructive to know how wide the street is, whether the man was cycling off to the side or well into the main travel lane, weather conditions, texting or cell phone use by the driver, etc. Over the past few months I have been reading about a troubling number of side-drift incidents, in which inattentive motorists seem completely unclear of the concept of staying within one's own lane. Since American roads are generally crowned for drainage, most cars will slowly drift rightward by default if the motorist does not subtly correct for this.

To be fair, we also have to consider the possibility that the bicyclist abruptly turned or swerved into the motorist's path -- or that the motorist claims this, irrespective of the truth.

A troubling incident, indeed, but too few facts to make any real assessment. I hope there is more information forthcoming.

HIPCHIP 06-04-09 08:44 AM

Very sad indeed! It's hard to know who was HUA, but it could have been both parties. I always look in my rear view mirror and if the car coming up behind me doesn't scoot over to their left, then I will stop and get as far to the right as possible. I've seen WAY too many accidents where the car driver was just completely oblivious to what the heck was going on.

A little bit of paranoia can sometime be good......and life saving!

The Weak Link 06-04-09 09:36 AM

It seems like most of the fatalities in this area occur at either 6AMish or at dusk. I try not to ride during those times. It's the main reason I won't cycle commute.

OTOH, there was a single car fatality last Saturday at 2 in the afternoon on a road that I ride a lot. So you never know. If I were riding along, my time would have come.

Treasure each day as much as you can and keep your life insurance policy paid for.

curdog 06-04-09 09:53 AM

It will be interesting to hear the "facts" in this case. I can only pray that this won't be another of the "I didn't see him defense" as in the last accident with Daniel.

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