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JimF22003 03-24-14 03:49 AM


Originally Posted by jppe (Post 16602948)
You might check out this new two day organized event in Lake Lure in August. There are some nice roads to ride on in that area.

North Carolina Amateur Sports

Thanks! Put it on my watch list. That's the same weekend as the Mountain Mama ride. Love to climb hills in August :)

rck 03-24-14 09:25 AM

I rode 6 miles yesterday but with the temp a 22 t'wasn't all that much fun. Still it's good to be back out and about!:)

jppe 03-24-14 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by Dudelsack (Post 16604246)
I rode during the Kentucky/Wichita State game and I felt like I was in the zombie apocalypse. Roads totally deserted except around the Walmart. At the mid 40s it was a bit nippy for my taste, although I didn't feel cold until I stepped into my house. Weird. UK won, BTW.

Now nothing will be accomplished this week as UK faces off against Louisville. Talk about apocalyptic.

Saw an article in Forbes where Loovul is the most profitable NCAA Basketball Program in the nation. And yes, I expect folks are lining up on both sides for that game. Another great time to get out and ride??? or is it at night?

Dudelsack 03-24-14 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by jppe (Post 16606831)
Saw an article in Forbes where Loovul is the most profitable NCAA Basketball Program in the nation. And yes, I expect folks are lining up on both sides for that game. Another great time to get out and ride??? or is it at night?

It will be Gotterdammerung, for sure. I'd rather be riding, but I'm on call that night :(

az_cyclist 03-24-14 01:08 PM

192.3 at the Solvang Double on Saturday. Great day for a ride, and it was a great ride with my fellow Bull Shifters.

JanMM 03-24-14 08:28 PM

A puny five mile ride after work today. Still doesn't feel like Spring in the low forties.

qcpmsame 03-25-14 05:00 AM

Sunday, 15, miles, another beautiful Spring day.
Monday, 30, miles, partly sunny and kind of cool.

Edit:Tuesday, 15 miles, really stiff north winds, 25-30 kts and gusts to 35, makes for an interesting north bound leg or three.


OldTryGuy 03-25-14 10:18 AM

47 sometimes wet and most of the time windy miles.

John_V 03-26-14 04:13 PM

First time on the bike in five days, thanks to a flu virus that spread through my family members over the weekend. Decided to do 30 miles on the trainer rather than ride outdoors and started to cough and sneeze quite a bit around 17 miles into the ride. Kept on riding and stopped at 20 miles. Not much of a cardio workout today because of sinuses draining but at least I got the legs going.

JanMM 03-26-14 07:32 PM

Another small mileage ride - 8 miles - but the sun was shining and even if it was barely in the forties it felt good. Included a couple of short but steepish hills in a local subdivision. Still recovering from way too little riding during the Dark and Cold Months.

qcpmsame 03-27-14 05:15 AM

Wednesday was a short 15 mile ride after a long day at work, we bid on a courtroom build out, unsuccessfully. It was unusually cool out the ls jersey and full fingered gloves were in order. Time was much better as the winds had abated, thankfully.


az_cyclist 03-27-14 08:42 AM

16.1 miles @ 18.7 ave yesterday on a lunchtime ride

jppe 03-27-14 04:10 PM

40 solo miles at my typical 17-18 mph average. Usual brisk March winds but otherwise sunny and temps around 60 degrees. Our regular Tuesday/Thursday night rides start back up next week so just maybe I'll have some riding partners.

qcpmsame 03-27-14 05:32 PM

Managed 15 miles this afternoon, nothing special but very satisfying to ride some with no real goal or special requirements. Kind of chilly with a bit of a wind chill from the SE gusty wind.


John_V 03-27-14 07:14 PM

It wasn't a very nice day outside today. I contemplated on riding outdoors but bike was still in the house from yesterday's trainer ride so the trainer won out. Another 20 miles on the trainer.

fietsbob 03-27-14 07:34 PM

Popped out to rent a couple DVD's then rode back .

Dan Burkhart 03-27-14 07:37 PM

Winter might be finally loosening it's grip on us here. The thermometer hovered slightly above freezing for a brief moment. Did a round about ride to the grocery store for about 8.5 km. Best ride so far this year.

h2oxtc 03-27-14 07:41 PM

Second ride this week :) with 10C (50F), and the streets are being swept. Things are looking good!

OldTryGuy 03-28-14 09:57 AM

2 biking miles to the pool, 2700 yard swim then a 10.5 mile bike round-about back home

John_V 03-28-14 01:06 PM

First outdoor ride on the bike in seven days. Weather forecast called for rain this morning but the sun came out and the sky was blue and I made a beeline to MUP for a great 35 mile ride, despite the steady, 15 mph winds.

JanMM 03-28-14 09:09 PM

Another ten mile ride after work......loves daylight savings time.
Starting to feel as if I'm recovering from minimal miles over the Winter - with gravity's help, was able to hit 30mph down a hill and then also to maintain 6-7mph up another hill. Average speed nothing to brag about but feeling stronger overall.

rck 03-29-14 08:57 AM

9 miles yesterday in the cool, damp air on an overcast day. I threw in a few rollers and my legs feel it a bit today. It is supposed to hit 60+ tomorrow for the first time since the end of oct. Yeah!:thumb:

As an aside the sap is running so its time to make maple syrup.:)

OldTryGuy 03-29-14 09:51 AM

43 W&W miles. That's 43 wet and windy. Not really fun but I have a 70.3 in 2 weeks so they are necessary.

John_V 03-29-14 05:19 PM

No ride today. Rained pretty much the whole day.

MinnMan 03-29-14 05:23 PM

My first time posting in this thread for ages.

We had a good movement towards spring - sunny and in the low 40s, so I got to ride outside on road tires (on my heavy steel bike). 24 not-very-fast miles on the local trails is just about enough to exhaust me still. But it was nice to be out.

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