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cyclinfool 08-16-09 04:41 PM

Today I did a ride
Today was the annual Ididaride out of North Creek NY to support the ADK. This event has been steadily growing - I am told participation doubled this year - there were over 200 riders. This is my second year doing it. The ride is 75 miles through the southern Adirondack park, lots of long climbs and nice decents. The route climbs 6500' I am told - all I know is that although not killer steep - some just go on for miles.

On this ride I met my morning riding buddy and we started off close to the back ot the pack. After a brief warmup we start cutting our way through the group on the first long climb. This was one of those climbs that goes forever. About a mile from the top my friend says he would like to try to finish early - I knew what that meant... At this point we were past the slow riders and catching the fast riders and we still had a lot of miles to go. I wished him well and kept up a strong but sustainable pace. About 1/2 way through the ride I teamed up with another solo rider who seemed to have a similiar pace and we stayed together taking turns pulling. Although not a clyde he was a big guy and so I had a little advantage on the up hills, so I slowed at the tops so we could regroup. As a team we coulds sustain 23mph on the rolling terrain. He also cut one hell of a hole in the air - so I could really rest when it was my turn to draft. The temps got into the high 80's and humid so it was nice to have company and not bake alone on the long stretches. We finished with an average speed just over 17.

During this ride I downed 5 large bottles of fluid and about 700 calories of food, even at that as we pulled into the finish I knew if I had another 5 miles to go I was going to bonk.

Attached is the map and profile - note the screaming downhill at the end. I climbed that last weekend on another ride starting from North Creek.

This is a great ride and on my list of rides to do every year.

bobthib 08-16-09 05:09 PM

Very nice. Being from Albany, I'm familiar with the area. It's beautiful. I'm envious.

Barrettscv 08-16-09 05:17 PM

Congrats, sounds like a great ride.

edp773 08-16-09 08:11 PM

Nice write up. Thanks for sharing your ride!

cranky old dude 08-17-09 04:15 AM

Big Congrats. on a great ride. :thumb:

tsl 08-17-09 06:50 AM

Someday I'll get there. The ride sounds like great fun. Getting there is my problem.

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