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DnvrFox 08-18-09 10:44 AM

Blurb about the 50+ Forum
Of interest (I hope)

I have a friend, Ed Mayhew, who writes books and has a web site and a blog about staying in shape after 50. In fact, Nora and I found ourselves featured (along with many others) in one of his books.

I asked him to say a few words about th 50+ bicycling forum.

Here is his blast email:

Dear Denver,

Three quick things:

New Record! Thanks to all of you who visited last week to check out Susan Jenning's interview: 274 Pounds to Ultra Runner in Less Than 2 Years, we enjoyed a record number of readers/visitors, including a record 271 of you on Wednesday. THANK YOU! To see why so many folks took a couple of minutes out of their day to check this article out and see how Susan so quickly and completely transformed her life and how you can, too -- it's not too late to check out 274 Pounds to Ultra Runner

This week you can enjoy an article and VIDEO that gives you the secrets to how Dorothy Dale Kloss dances in a chorus line at age 85. You've got to SEE THIS -- she is a knockout, funny and still truly an amazing dancer. There is also a brief radio interview she did last May that is a HOOT! Don't miss this -- it is really worth your time! What's the Secret to Dancing in a Chorus Line at 85? The radio interview and video are separate hot links -- make sure you check out both of them -- you'll thank me, you certainly will!

My friend Denver Fox has an excellent forum you'll want to visit if you have any interest in cycling. It's called 50+ Bicycle Forum. Whether you like to take multi-day bike rides or just tool around your neighborhood with the grandkids, you'll want to join one of the many fascinating conversations currently waiting for your input. Visit Denver and his cycling buddies at: 50+ Bicycle Forum (link here)

Whether you want to see how Susan Jennings was able to completely transform her body and her life and how you can, too; or you want to find out Dorothy Dale Kloss' "SECRETS" to kicking up her heels at 85 in a show whose audiences have totaled nearly 3 million in the past 18 years -- Visit: Don't miss out -- do it now before you get busy and forget.

Until next time, remember, The Best IS Absolutely Yet To Come -- Ed

P.S. Thanks again to those of you who have visited to read one or more of the 112 age-blasting posts.

Ed Mayhew, editor of the Fitter After 50 e-newsletter, professional speaker and author of AGE BLASTERS: 3 Steps to a Younger You

Enjoy! The Best Is Yet To Come,

Ed Mayhew
speaker and author of Age Blasters: 3 Steps to a Younger You

cyclinfool 08-18-09 11:22 AM

You just can't keep a secret can you!

DnvrFox 08-18-09 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by cyclinfool (Post 9510465)
You just can't keep a secret can you!

I don't know. Tell me one and we will both find out!

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