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Long Run Nick 05-16-10 08:48 PM

Back on the bike after 12 yrs. 279 miles in 11 days. 66 yrs old.
No ego in that title. Hi, my name is Nick. Not sure why I stopped riding. I have been on the roads: running and have logged over 71,400 miles since 4/76. I got into biking in the very early 80's to cross train. Went from a road bike to a mt bike and in '93 a hybrid. I usually rode for fitness while I ran because I love running. Not sure why I stopped riding in '98--probably because I hit a great streak of no real injuries to force me on the bike. Got "motivated" to ride when I ignored the Dr's advice to not run after a very minor removal of a tiny wart on my foot.

I can run--but I have a nagging nerve issue near my achilles. Got the old hybrid out. Refurbished. Then made a mistake by taking a new Trek FX7.3 for a spin. Bought it the same day. I love it. Bikes have come a long ways since '93. I am amazed I have been able to ride as much as I have in the last 11days after not being on a bike for so long. Did my first 50 miler today. EZ--averaged 13 mph and loved it. A lot easier than running 50 miles, that I can attest to as a former ultra marathoner.

I use to spend time on running forums and have coached hundreds of runners. I may need some bike coaching. Glad to be a member. Seems like a great forum. Thanks for letting me share. Nick:)

10 Wheels 05-16-10 08:50 PM

Nice ride.

DX-MAN 05-16-10 08:59 PM

Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have the physical base for it, and any technical questions you may have, I can about guarantee you'll get six different answers! Lots of opinions and points of view here! So, just sit back and sift.

Beverly 05-16-10 09:19 PM

Welcome Nick...

billydonn 05-16-10 11:33 PM

Hi Nick. Welcome.

bobthib 05-17-10 05:44 AM

I think as we age like a fine wine, we don't have the speed, but we do have the time and the love so we pack on the miles. 207 for me last week. Weather may keep it down to the usual 100+ this week.

Keep up the good work Nick. Welcome back.

DanteB 05-17-10 08:55 AM

Glad to see you're back on a bike and having fun.

The Weak Link 05-17-10 09:10 AM

Sounds like a doper to me.

No offense, that is my official greeting for anyone who sounds better than I, which is about 98% of posters.

cyclinfool 05-17-10 09:50 AM

That is remarkable - your rapid progress is a testimony to your physical and mental conditioning.
Welcome aboard.

rdtompki 05-17-10 12:09 PM

Welcome, Nick
My wife and I, total age now 130, bought a tandem about a year ago after not riding for 20+ years. We're probably riding 75-100 miles/week and having a blast. I stopped running marathons in my early 40's and it's been an aerobic taper since. Given your running background you're well attuned to your body; just watch for overuse since the bicycling is using muscles and joints differently, but you'll very shortly be wanting to do Centuries and longer I'm sure.

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