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The Weak Link 05-22-10 02:26 PM

Moves and countermoves
One of the great things about cycling is how a relaxing Saturday morning ride can turn into a death match. Here's a series of moves and countermoves that occurred between me and my son today.

M(e): I rode 40 miles on Wednesday and my legs feel like spaghetti.
S(on): I ran yesterday and my legs feel like lead.
M: It's really OK to throttle back a bit and enjoy the ride.
S: I didn't know I was going too fast last time (ouch).
M: 3rd Street is pretty high traffic, so we can't ride abreast (trans. I'm going to sit on your wheel and you won't suspect a thing).
S: (at stop light) Was I dragging back there? I know I was supposed to be pulling you but it felt pretty slow (he's lying, but that stung).
M: We're going up Iroquois Park hill. It's pretty easy (meaning about 2 miles of continuous climbing. Enjoy your SS).
S: Blasts off.
M: I catch him half way up the hill.
S: Blasts back down the hill.
M: I had to stop because a bug flew up my nose (which was true, unfortunately).
S: Pulls back down 3rd Street even faster than we came up it, which was way too fast for me.
M: Sprints by him several times for sport.
S: Reels me in effortlessly each time.
M: Dude, you have my permission to chase that guy up ahead.
S: Having the heart of a road racer, every time he sees a cyclist within 200 yards of us he turns into Cujo chasing a UPS truck.
M: But I stay close enough to catch up with him at the stop lights.
S: Sprints the last half-mile to Cyclers Cafe, with me pulling thirty seconds later, blood streaming out my nose.
M: Hey guy, you look like you're going to puke your burrito. Imagine what you'd feel like if you had to get back on your bike and ride another 25 miles like I do on the Wednesday morning rides.

It went to the judges who declared it a draw.

But it'll be the last time I come even that close. Age and treachery are nice, but I can't compete with legs 40 years younger. Even if he rides a SS.

Allegheny Jet 05-22-10 02:40 PM

Riding with a son anytime, anywhere and to anyplace is always a winning move for the dad, even if it goes right over their heads.

ahsposo 05-22-10 03:00 PM

I wish (and still hope to) I could get my son interested in riding. I know he's got it in him because when he got on my hybrid and I rode my little folder with him a while ago he loved going fast and trying to punish the old man. He's grown to the point where he might fit my SS and I think a taste of that may hook him. It's so light and responsive compared to the hybrid I think he'll love it.

He just refuses a helmet and won't consider toe clips, the young dumb ass...

cyclinfool 05-22-10 03:16 PM

He must be a doper

rumrunn6 05-22-10 03:24 PM

today I asked my son what he was going to do with the next 36 years of his life (before he reaches my age) and it kinda blew his mind a little

I stopped completing with him when he was able to throw a rock further into the ocean that I could without ripping my rotator cuff. (couple years ago)

I got through my indestructible phase - and hoping he gets through his injury free. your father/son bike story was inspirational but the whole time I was reading it I was anxious that he would get home safely.

Retro Grouch 05-22-10 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by The Weak Link (Post 10850519)
But it'll be the last time I come even that close. Age and treachery are nice, but I can't compete with legs 40 years younger. Even if he rides a SS.

Do me a favor. Refer to posts from the last time that you rode with your son and check out the advice you gave me.

The Weak Link 05-22-10 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by cyclinfool (Post 10850658)
He must be a doper

He's on Fiber1 Bars.

Dan Burkhart 05-22-10 06:40 PM

When I ride with my son, he can show off all he wants, but I'm still in front.

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