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freeranger 06-01-10 04:55 AM

Our Memorial Day ride........
Every year the city of Louisville, KY holds a Mayor's Hike and Bike ride and walk. Donna and I do it every year. Thought we'd miss it this year, as the day before, while sitting down a couple of 5 gal. full gas cans, I must have bent the wrong way. Felt a pain through my lower back that I thought for sure would not allow me to ride the next day. But ibuprofen helped a lot! Sore today, but not only did we ride yesterday, we averaged 13.3 mph for the 17 mile ride, which is good for us, and I was riding my with tires-not knobbies, but not what I'd call "city" tires either. The ride is not a race, but we were in the front starters and wanted to see if we could hang with the front group-(lots of kids going every which way in the later starters)-still got passed by lots of folks. Sore today, but really enjoy riding with a few thousand people. Met an old friend after we had finished, no problems with the bikes this year (last year my road bike derailleur broke and Donna had a flat). Didn't see any serious wrecks, and what rain we did get held off until late evening. Great day, lots of fun-the heck with my back-it'll only hurt for a few days longer and I have lots of ibuprofen on hand until it quits! Hope you got a fun ride in yesterday and got to enjoy the day. I know we did.

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