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Univega 07-12-10 11:27 AM

I was just reading:”Which Sport Drink you use?” and wondered if there are any diabetics here and what do you do.

stapfam 07-12-10 02:22 PM

Rode with a diabetic and he used Orange juice and a pinch of salt. I used it for a few years but I added sugar.

Chilidawg 07-12-10 04:00 PM

I'm a real newbie to this forum and as a type II diabetic, I'll be watching this thread with particular interest. Caffeine is now my drug of choice.

mebert72 07-12-10 04:59 PM

I'm type II and all I usually drink on a ride is water. If the ride is over 50 miles, I'll buy a small bottle of Gatorade and mix it 50/50 with water to keep the sugar level down.

the engine 07-13-10 07:30 PM

I used to worry when I was first diagnosed ...

I'm Type II, I use water for rides under 30 miles, and Gatorade/PowerAid for long rides. On a short ride, if my sugar drops and I start to get "that feeling", I use a gel pack or Power Bar about halfway through the ride. I have had no A1C (avg. 6.8-7.1) issues when I get my blood work done every 3 months.

When you are on the bike, riding, your body is burning sugars as fuel. They are not building up and shooting your sugar levels up. Just fuel as needed, and slack off 30 or so min. before the end of the ride, to be sure you burn up the sugars you last ingested before you get off the bike.

I'm not a doctor, just speaking from my own experience over many years of being a diabetic cyclist.

7.rider 07-14-10 06:48 AM

Pre-diabetic / Type 2 (A1c 5.9 to 6.2). From my limited researh, I found that Hammer products have lower amounts of sugar, but all products do have carbs which are converted to sugar by your liver. Here is information on Hammer:

Catrin 07-14-10 10:06 AM

As a type-2 diabetic, I have no problem using Heed and Accelerade (for longer rides). I also have problems with hypoglycemia, which has become far worse since developing diabetes. I don't have blood sugar spikes on the bike, I have to be concerned with going too far the other direction...

The important thing is to test and figure out what works best for you.

Univega 07-14-10 06:51 PM

My A1C has been creeping up, so I want to watch my sugar intake. I drink water for the short rides (less than 25 miles). But when I start hitting the 40 + miles I do find hammer gel, gatorade and a protein bar help.

MAK 07-15-10 11:46 PM

I'm type 2 and instead of a sports "drink" I use Camelbak Elixer or NUUN. They replace electrolytes and have no/minimal sugar. If I need an instant boost I have a GU gel (100 calories/25g carbs and just a few grams of sugar). I also carry Nature's Harvest Fruit and Nut bars.

BigBlueToe 07-16-10 11:58 AM

I'm type II. I just drink water. My doctor (who is a diabetes specialist and works with bicyclists) said I could mix Gatorade half and half with water. I'm fine with water, but I thought I'd pass along what he said.

cyclist2000 07-17-10 12:53 AM

I am an insulin using type II diabetic. I normally drink water on the ride but sometimes bring a large bottle of Powerade Zero with me. I don't normally have low blood sugars during a ride. I also keep some candy in my bag and some trail mix. I like the Powerade Zero since it has potassium instead of sodium. The potassium helps with leg cramps.

OldsCOOL 07-17-10 03:59 PM

I'm type1 and will take good ole OJ with me. I usually dont go beyond 40mi at this point and usually in the local area so that means beyond carrying my own drink I will also be near a store if needbe. In addition to the drink I will carry 2-3 snack bars. Always carry your cell phone for emergencies in this regard.

rydabent 07-18-10 08:15 AM

I am type II. I live in the snow belt, and in the winter even using an exercise machine and lifting hand weights my a1c goes up to about 6.8. In the summer riding season it goes down to 6.1 to 6.2. It seems to amaze my doctor what just ridding a bike can do for me.

apesrunner58 07-27-10 12:05 PM

I am a type 1 diabetic. I use a pump with a cgms but the senor losses its signal during the ride if it is hot out. I cut my basal rate to 50% and I carry GU or Cliff shots. I also use a cliff bar for long rides. Sunday I did 100 mile ride with 7000ft of total climbing. It was my first century of the year. I had quadruple bypass is Dec of 09 so I was happy to get it done. I have put 2300 miles on my bike this year.

chasmm 07-27-10 02:03 PM

Type II here, diagnosed summer of 2008, along with hypertension and high cholesterol. I've been using oral meds and this past November the doc starting talking about insulin. I guess that was the impetus I needed to get off my ass and do something. I cycled many years ago (late 80's) and raced for a while (early-mid 80's) before life, family, job, etc. pushed the bikes further into the garage and the needle on the scale further to the right side of the dial.

I bought a hybrid, got my old sport-tourer back on the road, and cashed in a bunch of Delta Skymiles for a CF Specialized Roubaix. Eight months later, my sugars are under much better control, I've lost about 20 pounds (with more to go), and I'm just in better shape. My last A1C (checked with the Bayer selfcheck unit last Monday) was 5.8.

For short (40 and under) rides I pretty much just stick with water, but on longer rides I'll usually end up drinking a Gatorade, along with a PB&J or Clif Bar.

It's great to hear from all of you, and to hear your success stories, and your stuggles.


chasmm 08-01-10 01:35 PM

Apologies for the cross-thread double post (sounds like a technical sporting term), but I'm just so happy about this...

Went in for my blood work this past week...doc called today with the results. Keep in mind that what got me off my ass and back on a bike last December was the threat of insulin (I'm type II) injections if I didn't do something to get this under control...

His message..."Your AIC is 5.8, which is excellent. That's almost like a non-diabetic level..."

I love my bike!


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