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stapfam 07-12-10 02:20 PM

Riding and Maintenance tips
Dare say you have a great many more but I am currently plagued with a problem when riding. Sweat rollling down into the eyes. I always wear a cycling cap under the helmet and this stops the sweat from rolling down the face and into the eyes. If it gets too hot- I just wet it from the water bottle and it will stay cool for a good while.

But listening to Sean on the TDF he came up with one that he uses. A smear of Vaseline above the eyebrows. He also qualified this with saying "Just a smear".In other words not a thick layer.

And Brake and Gear cables. My regular maintenance is to release the cables and washout the inners with WD 40 and then the cables are lightly lubed till the next Washout. My LBS told me to use "Dry" chain lube. It works just aswell and has the advantage of not attracting dust that then clogs up the outer cable.

So what can you pass on to Aid maintenance?

The Weak Link 07-12-10 03:22 PM

Never pick your nose while you are re-greasing your hubs.

zonatandem 07-12-10 03:43 PM

Run gear/brake cables through a block of parrafin wax before re-installing.

DnvrFox 07-12-10 04:12 PM

Find a really good LBS with a great mechanic that you can talk to. Take your bike in regularly.

RoMad 07-12-10 04:14 PM

When I lube the cables on my bikes I hang the bike by the front tire and put the lube in every opening that is pointing up. I wait a little while, then hang the bike by the back tire and put lube in every opening that is pointing up.

DX-MAN 07-12-10 04:30 PM

My shifter cables are the only ones that have ANY exposure; I run full-length (XTR) brake housing front and rear. When I do anything with my shift cables, they get a LIGHT coating of Slick 50 One grease, and are usually good for a year or more.

The Weak Link 07-12-10 04:37 PM

Seriously, never assume that there is a task so simple that you cannot botch it up. Double-check everything. I almost met my Maker earlier in the year because I misinstalled a Shimano chain (not exactly mis-install, just thought I could get away with taking a shortcut having to do with not using a replacement pin).

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