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Sculptor7 07-16-10 07:46 AM

Thursday night club ride stepped up the pace.
Since joining the Casco Bay Bicycle Club I have joined the Thursday night ride when I can. Last night there were no members riding at my level and it was a definite challenge to keep up. Of course they always stop and regroup but that usually means that as soon as I pull up we all head off again. Have learned to engage in conversations about their bikes, etc. At least that gives me a bit of rest. It's tough keeping up with these younger folk! It does give me hill training which I tend to ignore when on my own.

Robert Foster 07-16-10 08:11 AM

It is easy to get in the same boat as you are. I have been in the B group for at least two years now and in truth I am inbetween the A and B group in speed for 40 miles. The problem is I am more B group in climbing than anything else. If the climb is short enough I can hang on and draft till I get my breath back on the other side. But if it is a long grade I am toast. I have been lucky in that our A and B group tends to regroup at the same spots so if I can't hang I can simply wait till the B group get there and finish the ride.

BlazingPedals 07-16-10 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by Robert Foster (Post 11122638)
... The problem is I am more B group in climbing than anything else.

That pretty much describes me. I can easily keep up with the A riders on flat ground. But this year they added 5 miles of almost continuous hills, and they're not afraid of shedding half of their own numbers in an attempt to drop me. It's rare when I can actually avoid getting gapped.

stapfam 07-16-10 10:32 AM

One tip I found out is that if you have been dropped and the rest re-group for you-----Then just before you catch the group slow down a bit. Then as you meet the group- keep cycling. If you do stop when you regroup- then you have to re-start again and that can be hard.

Plus the fact that some of the group may be cool or cold and it forces the re-start on them. Play to your advantages.

[email protected] 07-16-10 11:09 AM

We had pretty much the same situation as the OP on our Thur. night ride last night. The "A" group hammered up the climbs at a pace I couldn't begin to match, so I dropped back to (and finished with) the "B" group.

The bad news is that meant I had to (help) fix 2 flat tires, one a massive blow-out that required a boot and the other a kind-slow leak that took awhile to locate the dastardly thorn.

Overall though, a much more relaxed pace and more conversation in our "B" group, whereas it's usually a tad more aggressive in the "A" group, but that's a matter of who's there on any particular ride and how everyone is feeling available power-wise too.

Rick / OCRR

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