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LAriverRat 07-24-10 07:24 PM

Led out a "Triple Cross Champion" today.
I am about 17 miles into my ride today and feeling like crap, no energy and legs feel heavy. Started OK 19mph first 5 miles then yuk. Tried to force it a little by trying to keep up with someone who blasted passed me at mile 9 but could not make any headway. Started to slow down, take it easy and just diddle along to Seal Beach. At mile 18 get passed by this Triple Cross Champion (Yellow Jersey with brown/red letters matching shorts/bike) who is setting the pace for this stud of a women who was riding a front suspended mountain bike with the big nubby tires. They are doing 19.5 mph. I pick up the cadence and get on her back wheel, that's how i know how fast they were going. She never varied, never slowed pushing that bike. I thought why am i feeling sorry for myself when she is blasting on a mountain bike for Gods Sake. I stay third for about two miles and feel good so i thought what the hay, so i speed up and take the front. She is maxed out at 19.5 mph so i just held that for 8 miles until my legs said NO Mas and pulled over. The Champ gave me a wave of thanks and kept going at their steady pace. As i go under the 405 freeway i saw the Champ on just the other side stopped and heaving his guts out. The women never stopped, just kept blasting. I am doing 15 mph for a bit and the Champ comes flying past me like i was standing still and catches up with the gal on the mountain bike who is about half a mile in front. When i got home i looked up what a Triple Cross champion is, i am very impressed. This guy was about early 50's, the gal, on a mountain bike going that fast is a champion to me.

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