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pmhlb 08-16-10 08:14 AM

Small bike for big girl with short legs
Yesterday I went to a shop of re-vamped bikes; no luck. The fellow there suggested I try a small bike (20" or 24") -- for the sake of stability (getting on and off). I am 5'2"; my height is not in my legs and so getting on a 26" bike (usually what folks my height ride) is a bit of a feat.

This may be the interim solution. What do you think?


late 08-16-10 08:24 AM

Compact frame.

sauerwald 08-16-10 09:25 AM

My daughter is the opposite - not very tall, but very long legs. She rides an older bike made by Terry which has a 700C rear wheel and a 24" front wheel, which allows for a short top tube. What do you want to do with this new bike? - if riding short distances, perhaps a cruiser style bike would work for you, if you are looking for something to ride long distances, perhaps a Mixte like the rivendell Betty Foy?

stapfam 08-16-10 10:05 AM

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Originally Posted by late (Post 11296530)

Exactly what I was going to suggest. Attached is my Giant OCR in XS size. See the height of the saddle in relationship to the frame?????? That saddle can go Waaaaaaaaay down. And on top of that- I had to fit a high rise stem that was longer- just so I could ride it.

That is for a 30" inseam and these bikes come in WSD aswell.

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And that bike used to be loaned out to a lad with 26" inseam and only 4'10 tall. He has grown a bit now but at 5'8" and 32" inseam he can still ride it----But I won't let him. Every time I take him out he beats me up the hills.

This type of bike and Frame size also come in a straight bar version called the Dash and is WSD again.

ro-monster 08-16-10 10:27 AM

I'd try folding bikes; they offer far more adjustability than conventional bikes and many can fit really tiny riders, even kids. Poke around the Folding Bikes forum and learn about them. There are quite a few threads on this subject in there.

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