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ALL day ridder 10-17-10 12:26 AM

mtn. biking
How many people ride mtn. bikes compared to road bikes

stapfam 10-17-10 01:32 AM

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Used to be solely Mountain bikes but if you saw the hills just 6 miles from where I live- there is no real choice

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This is on the South Downs Way which is a ridge that runs for 100 miles. No Climb is higher than 850ft but the numerous decsents down to Sea Level means that if you ride the Way there is 10,000ft of climbing to do. I have attempted the SDW ride in one day 11 times and only failed twice. Last time was in 2006- aged 59- and I failed but I think the weather had a hand in that failure.

But after that ride- I realised that I could not keep punishing myself to that extent. 12 hours of hard physical effort was getting through to me. So I got a road bike. Just a Base OCR3 but it got me into road riding. Took a while to Adjust but at the end of 2007 I went into my LBS and they offered me a deal on a Mountain bike. I said that if I were to get a new bike- it was going to be a road bike to replace the OCR. The offer they made on the TCR-C was too good so I now class myself as a roadie. But a roadie that still likes to get the old Bianchi Griszzly out for some enjoyable fun riding.

CHAS 10-17-10 06:01 AM

I go both ways.

The Weak Link 10-17-10 06:09 AM

Used to but lost my nerve.

BluesDawg 10-17-10 06:58 AM

I ride them both, but I don't compare them.

jppe 10-17-10 07:49 AM

Started on Mtn bikes but after going over the handle bars a couple times opted to take my chances with cars instead.

jdon 10-17-10 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by BluesDawg (Post 11634157)
I ride them both, but I don't compare them.


thompsonpost 10-17-10 08:18 AM

2006 model. I think 2005 to early 2006 were the only models produced. It's a "Distance."

xizangstan 10-17-10 08:40 AM

When I started riding bikes, back in the mid-1950s, 'road' bikes had balloon tires and weighed a ton. Since then, I've stuck with the bikes with the balloon tires.

Just two days ago, I halfway converted and put on a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus touring tires. Now my GT Xizang mountain bike rides a bit smoother, faster and quieter. Is this what you would call a 'road' bike? :)

Retro Grouch 10-17-10 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by The Weak Link (Post 11634080)
Used to but lost my nerve.

Me too.

BUT - there's a huge difference between riding mountain bikes and mountain biking. In a nut shell, if you expect to complete the ride without wiping out and tearing something up, you haven't been mountain biking yet.

thompsonpost 10-17-10 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Retro Grouch (Post 11634831)
Me too.

BUT - there's a huge difference between riding mountain bikes and mountain biking. In a nut shell, if you expect to complete the ride without wiping out and tearing something up, you haven't been mountain biking yet.

Not so, grasshopper. I have, and do, ride many rides in extremely rough terrain and do not wipe out or tear something up, although, many times I have had to change my shorts when I got home, if you get my drift.

I love riding extreme climbs and riding dry creek beds. That is the shyte.

hikeandbike 10-17-10 04:31 PM

I do both. More road now than mountain, but still like the difference. I do a week every year somewhere in a remote, beautiful area with great trails and rent a cabin.
Having some time like that, alone, no electronics, just good books and great rides is a powerful and refreshing experience.
My favorite week of the year.

JanMM 10-17-10 07:13 PM

I was the first guy in the neighborhood to get a mountain bike in 1985 - but it was really a (Jamis) city bike with MTB geometry, gearing, brakes, fenders, rack and street tread radial tires. It spent some time off road in Atlanta parks but mostly lived on the street and road. It ended up as a single speed commuter. That was it for MTB's for me.

thompsonpost 10-17-10 07:26 PM

I love the fact that I can run over everything without damaging my wheels. 'Got those cool MAVIC Crossmax wheels.

bradtx 10-17-10 08:01 PM

stepfam, Looks like some wonderful places for riding.

I ride my mountain bike much less than the road bikes, but spent about two hours on it today. If I were forced to only have one bike it'd be the mountain bike.


sknhgy 10-17-10 08:07 PM

The mtb is by far my favorite, but I have a road bike and a hybrid. I love rolling twisty singletrack, as long as it's not so steep that I have to get off and push. Where I live it's very hilly so the mtb is best for everyday 10-20 mile rides.
I have got to where long, flat rides don't interest me as much unless there is a destination. Now I look forward to on-road climbs. I like variety in my rides; some pavement, some gravel, some dirt path, hills, and some flat straightaways.
If I could only have one bike it would be an mtb.

stapfam 10-18-10 10:55 AM

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Originally Posted by thompsonpost (Post 11636567)
I love the fact that I can run over everything without damaging my wheels. 'Got those cool MAVIC Crossmax wheels.

You want to do real damage- get these.

Attachment 174305 Attachment 174306

We have had car Bumpers ripped off cars when they got too close.

Mavic EX729 rims-BigUn hubs with 36 spokes.

Daspydyr 10-18-10 11:32 AM

I love Mountain biking and the scenery.

I recently picked up a road bike and did a Century. It was fun and the people were great. This weekend, I was back in the dirt. Its just fits what I want out of biking. More of a full body work out, adventure and I like seeing animals. I did resent the buzzard that circled me for about 20 minutes. I was moving faster than that.

Suzie Green 10-18-10 12:24 PM

I ride both but I am such a 'fraidy cat on the MTB, so that I restrict myself to easily traveled forest roads and the like. I do enjoy it though. As I get older I find myself getting a bit more uneasy about the traffic when I'm road riding.

jr59 10-18-10 12:50 PM

No mountains here.

Just nice flat roads.

woodway 10-18-10 02:00 PM

I do both. I enjoy Mountain Biking a heck of a lot more, but put in more miles road biking (mainly because I bike commute to work).

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky that we have great places to Mountain Bike.

Like this:

And this:

And this:

CB HI 10-18-10 02:39 PM


Pamestique 10-18-10 02:44 PM

I do both - love each equally although summer seems to be devoted to road cycling and fall is definitely MTB time. Just did a MTB ride yesterday in the mud and mist... my wheels carried an extra 2 - 3 lbs of adobe mud! If I remember will post pics. The photo in my bottom sig is my SO on top of my favorite trail in Limestone Canyon overlooking the Santa Ana Mountains.

[email protected] 10-18-10 03:41 PM

I ride both road and mountain, but by far more road than mountain. This past weekend was an exception though, since my wife and I rode our mountain bikes both Sat. and Sun. exploring trails in the mountains above our cabin near Big Bear Lake.

Overall, I enjoy them both equally, but find road a lot easier to get to and deal with, though there are a few mountain bike relatively close / available spaces I've yet to explore (Turnbull Canyon and Fullerton Loop).

Rick / OCRR

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