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akohekohe 02-26-11 11:14 PM

Originally Posted by tsl (Post 12281301)
Absolutely not. I even have different bottles for the bikes so they don't clash. Nope. Not a girl thang at all.

Says the librarian.

DnvrFox 02-27-11 07:09 AM

Originally Posted by akohekohe (Post 12285591)
Says the librarian.

I guess I don't understand your comment. Help me out here, please. Thanks.

ThatBritBloke 02-27-11 07:19 AM

Originally Posted by akohekohe (Post 12285591)
Says the librarian.

Says the professor.

TromboneAl 02-27-11 11:10 AM

I don't get it either. But there's this:

A man walks in to the library and asks for a book on suicide.
Says the librarian "Forget it, you won't bring it back."

rtool 02-27-11 04:00 PM

Originally Posted by ctyler (Post 12272200)
Brooks B17 or B17 Narrow. Took me 10+ years to learn that there is no better saddle available.

Amen, I have a B17, B17 narrow, and a B67. Through the years I have tried others but keep going back to the best - Brooks.

ciocc_cat 02-27-11 04:16 PM

Originally Posted by AzTallRider (Post 12279281)
I finally settled on this seat, and I love it. For once, all the manufacturer claims turned out to be true. I went from perineal related numbess (you can figure out what that means) on any ride over an hour or so, to no numbness whatsoever, ever. And after a few rides, no butt soreness. Full length cutouts rule. Not cheap, but worth it for me.

+1 Selle SMP works for me!

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