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Addison 02-25-11 04:09 PM

What a first date!
Some of you may recall my post of a month ago asking for advice about N+1. Question was about buying a cross bike or light tourer. I got some great advice and decided to order a Salsa Casserole. I've been dreaming of the bike coming in for too long, and got the call Wed. that it was in (Burlington, VT). Went over yesterday and it was love at first site. As I was walking in, the mechanic was walking it out the door to test it. Wow, what a looker she was. He came back and it was my turn to take her out. No need to change anything, fit perfectly and I rode the narrow streets of Burlingtons North End between the snow banks and patches of ice. First ride in almost 2 months, a rare 30 degree day, no helmet, wearing jeans , sneakers,no gloves. We went home together, I'm in love, SIGH............

There's a mild blizzard going on today,can't see across the driveway. All I can do is pine the day away and dream of that first date. I feel like I'm in H.S. Do you remember when?

RonH 02-25-11 04:27 PM

Congrats on the new bike. Got pics?

Sounds to me like you've been hibernating in the cabin too long. ;)

Digital Gee 02-25-11 04:41 PM


outwest5 02-25-11 05:20 PM

:) Nice feeling, isn't it? Roll her next to your bed and pat her seat a few times during the night.

cranky old dude 02-25-11 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by outwest5 (Post 12280388)
:) Nice feeling, isn't it? Roll her next to your bed and pat her seat a few times during the night.

Hey!! We've got mixed company in this forum. :eek:

Congrats on the new bike. :thumb:

Addison 02-25-11 06:13 PM

ok , might have gotten a little carried away.......

But the fit end of this was really something. My first bike in my new cycling life was about 5 years ago. There was a lot of fitting, sizing, going to other stores etc. This one was walked out by a kid about my size, maybe 20 lbs less, but still close. I sat on it and couldn't think of any changes to make. Bars felt great, seat was right height. Took it for a ride and was convinced. Might slide the saddle a little or do minor tweaking when winter ends. But this feels like it was meant to be.

JanMM 02-25-11 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Addison (Post 12280610)
ok , might have gotten a little carried away.......
maybe 20 lbs less,.

You're still getting a little carried away. Love does that to you.

BluesDawg 02-25-11 08:32 PM

What a tease! Let's see this baby. :rolleyes:

Is this the new Casseroll (cantilever brakes)? or the earlier one like mine (caliper brakes)?

xizangstan 02-25-11 08:45 PM

If it's true love, she only gets better with time. I have a love affair with a little 16-year old. Lean, light, nimble and in great shape. I'm more in love with my Lady Xizang every day. True love is like that...

Phil85207 02-26-11 11:52 PM

Well.............. Pictures.

BluesDawg 02-27-11 08:21 AM

Monoborracho 02-27-11 10:04 AM

Without pictures it didn't really happen. I said so.

Addison 02-27-11 02:13 PM

1 Attachment(s) she is, new fenders, rear rack. Check out the color matched factory front rack,hubbada, hubbada. Contrast in the photo is not great, it really is a great shade of blue and yes it does have canti's. Came with 32's but will fit up to 38's This is yesterday after Fridays storm. Warmed up a bit today and went for a short ride. I'm feeling spring can't be far off.

Thanks to all for some good purchasing advice.

Shifty 02-27-11 02:24 PM

Nice bike!! Happy riding!

rtool 02-27-11 02:44 PM

Beautiful bike, congrats, and enjoy.

BluesDawg 02-27-11 04:39 PM

Nice! I know you'll continue to love it. My Casseroll is my co-favorite bike.

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