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ColinJ 07-14-11 04:02 AM

A different kind of 'first century' post
So this is my 'first century' post but it's not about the bike - it is my 100th post on this forum.

I joined years ago but found the sheer size of the site overwhelming so I didn't come back until recently when I made the decision that I would concentrate on just 3 of the forums (This one, General Cycling Discussion and Road Cycling). That has made the site more manageable for me, given the limited free time I have to spend here. I log on most (UK) mornings and catch up on what has been going on in the previous 24 hours.

It is clearly a US-centric forum but that is a nice change from the UK-centric forums that I spend most of my time on (CycleChat and BikeRadar). It is good to read about what you get up to on the 'other side of the water' and I try to bring a little taste of my UK-cycling to you.

I am certainly tempted to come and cycle in the USA at least once before I'm too old and fragile to enjoy it - I'll have to start saving for the cycling holiday of a lifetime! If I do it, I'll make it a long trip and savour every mile of it.

If any of you are ever over in northern England in the Manchester or Leeds areas, you like slow, scenic rides and would like a guided tour of the hills round here, just let me know and we can try and arrange something!

stapfam 07-14-11 05:37 AM

If you do take up Colins offer of a ride- Make certain you have low gearing.

Found 50+ better for friends and I nearly made the trip a few years ago--Just as the recession hit so finances went.

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