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stapfam 07-17-11 01:46 PM

Disaster day
Day started fine- Me and Mick on a ride but rain was expected and a bit of a headwind. Bit of a headwind??? How does a 40mph crosswind sound. Mick is new to riding so decided to cut the open Marsh ride and stay inland a bit. Rain only came as a couple of short showers so no problem but I decided that Mick was going to see a bit of on road maintenance. Well I didn't but the flat fairy did.

Then it was try to set Micks bike up a bit better. He didn't like the saddle height I wanted him to ride at so I put him on Boreas. He is about the same size as me so putting him on Boreas meant that I had to ride the old OCR for the first time in years to check out the adlustments i had made. How in Hell did I ever do centuries and climb mountains on that thing? My riding style must have evolved in the last 4 years. But I couldn't show it as Mick has just bought the bike from me.

Got back home and the wife was out- I had no keys so had to go round to Micks and I know he was only being sociable- and so was I in accepting it- but Beer at Lunchtime does not go well with me nowadays- Well the 3rd one doesn't. So back home and the TDF on Satellite. Watched up to the intermediate sprint and we had a storm. Now storms that heavy affect satellite reception so in the middle of the storm I had to go out and clear the tree branches that were now swaying onto the Dish. Back indoors soaked and then tune the Box back in. Got it in the end but missed from the storm to the presentation so will have to watch the short Highlights program to see what happened.

And that storm--Just after the TDF had finished I walked down to the bike shed. The two bikes used this morning were left outside in the storm. At least they are clean but I now have a clean up job to do on both bikes to get the water out of the cables and brake pivots and and the rest of the bike. So guess what I am doing this evening. Going to be a late night.

gcottay 07-17-11 01:57 PM

No deaths no disaster.

berner 07-17-11 02:21 PM

Congratulations on the most interesting day had by anyone from Bikeforums. I went for a mere bike ride today.

John_V 07-17-11 02:46 PM

Sounds like a fun day that you probably won't want to repeat any time soon.

DnvrFox 07-17-11 03:53 PM

Admit it - you love it!!

Beverly 07-17-11 04:26 PM

More beer might help with the cleanup:innocent:

rideon7 07-17-11 05:03 PM

I just went out, did a 50-mile ride in mixed clouds and sun, came home and mowed my lawn, then pulled weeds in my veggie garden. No storms, no cross-winds, no clearing branches or cleaning wet bikes. I'm envious, but I do have to say that I didn't go out the day before because of a bit of rain. I grew up riding in the rain, so it is not my favorite kind of weather.

Louis 07-17-11 09:09 PM

You had me worried for a bit, stap...with drinking 3 beers then going up a tree in a wind and rain storm.:twitchy:

At least, now you know where Mick keeps his beer.

teachme 07-18-11 10:46 AM

Pie would have made it better...

stapfam 07-18-11 03:12 PM

That storm---Very local and to give you an idea- 2" of rain fell in 15 minutes. 5 miles away and "What Storm"?

But looking round the garden tonight- The wifes pool is overfilled and too high for the Normal pump to drain out. Just opened up the valves and it will drain naturally. Providing I don't drain it down too far- she will be swimming tomorrow.

Mick laid a new lawn on Friday- with help from me and a couple of neighbours. When we find the soil that I had spent 4 hours levelling friday morning--We'll relay it. At least the turfs are still there.

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